Why is Windows 8 Not Showing Files Copied to SD Card?

SD memory card may confront multiple error messages with high data risks. With recent times, Windows 8 users are summoned to lose files on SD card whenever copy paste operation is carried out. This incident is observed soon after rebooting a Windows 8 system.

As per reported scenarios two main things are observed.

1. Newly copied files to SD card got deleted

2. Previously existing files in card reappears even after several attempts of deletion

Moreover, the copies of files that disappear won’t be even available in Recycle Bin. This point could result in losing vital files from card media.

Possible reasons: It is a quite tough task to determine the exact cause for memory card showing such unusual behavior. Some practically known causes are -

You can employ few techniques to repair the affected SD card. But before getting started with any troubleshooting method it’s advised to save all your disappeared files from SD and then proceed.

What measures can be taken to fix the issue?

Firstly, try to insert the SD card using different card reader and see if SD media shows same behavior. If this works, then your SD has not turned faulty yet. On the other hand, if files still go invisible with copying new data then try to connect SD to some different Windows system.

Secondly, an attempt can be made to check for bad sectors in memory card with Windows command prompt - “chkdsk /f /r” or “chkdsk /f G:” where G: is your corresponding SD card drive labeled in the system.

As last option, perform a Complete Format process on your SD card and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Why Yodot to recover disappeared data on SD card?

When you are concerned about the data that is lost unnoticed, there comes a fine solution to retrieve those precious files on Windows computers. It is Yodot Card Recovery utility that offers a convenient way for any individual to restore deleted or disappeared media. It’s not just recovery from SD card but also proves to be helpful when you cannot see encrypted files on the SD card. Even CF card, XD card, SDHC card, MMC’s, Pen drives, iPod, memory sticks and other external storage card devices can take advantages of the tool for data retrieval tasks. An extended support is provided for all types of media file formats like images, text, audio, video etc. with wide range of file extensions. The software can be readily installed on all Windows and Mac environments. Windows version includes: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2008/2003 edition.

Steps in-detail to restore SD card data in Windows systems:

A footnote:

  • It is always recommended to maintain multiple copies of important files as backup
  • Handle large capacity SD card data with care, don’t keep switching card among different devices
  • See to it that- all virus definitions are up-to-date

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