Fixing Bad Disk Error Found On a SD Card

The bad disk error on Secure Digital cards

A bad disk error with SD card is generally encountered when card is inserted to a Windows computer. A bad sector on memory card simply makes stored data to be inaccessible. This issue may arise at any random times and most of users fail to safeguard any data present on card. At this point, any attempts to read card data would simply fail.

Some possible causes for disk error on (SD) memory card:

Signs and Symptoms of an SD Card that has Bad Sectors

Methods to Repair Bad Disk Error Found on a SD Card

Method 1: Windows Check Disk Utility

It can be tried to repair by running check disk utility (chkdsk.exe) on the command prompt. This Windows feature is actually meant to fix corrupted card but in majority of the cases, this method fails to recover from bad disk.

Method 2: Use Windows ‘Error Checking’ Feature

Windows ‘Error Checking’ feature scans the storage drives for the file system errors and fixes them. You can use the ‘Error Checking’ to fix SD card corruption due to bad sectors.

Follow the below steps to repair corrupt SD card using ‘Error Checking’:

Method 3: Use Windows Troubleshooter

Try Windows Troubleshooter to fix the SD card with bad sectors. The feature can fix issues related to hardware and drivers.

Follow the below steps to repair bad sectors on SD card:

Method 4: Use CHKDSK Command to Repair Bad Sectors

Chkdsk command checks the file system for logical and physical errors. It fixes the error in the volume if used with the /f or /r parameters. You can also say that it functions as a bad sector repair tool.

First, close all the files on your system to run the chkdsk command. Connect the corrupt SD card with the PC and follow the below steps to fix bad sectors in the SD card:

Method 5: Use Diskpart in CMD Command

Bad sectors in SD cards can also lead to ‘read-only’ error message. If your SD card is not write-protected, then use diskpart utility to fix the error.

Follow the below steps to fix corrupt SD card using diskpart:

Method 6: Format SD Card to Fix Bad Sectors

Formatting deletes all the stored photos and videos stored on SD cards but can also fix bad sectors in the media. It makes your SD card reusable.

You can format the SD card using Windows Explorer or use formatting software such as SD Formatter.

Follow the below steps to format SD card Connect the SD card to PC.

Recover Lost Photos and Videos using SD Card Bad Sector Recovery Tool

Yodot Photo Recovery has efficient algorithmic modules that are equipped to fetch SD card data that is turned bad. The recovery mechanism implies to all other external cards as well ( SDHC, SDXC, CF card, TF card, XD card, MMC’s, memory sticks, pen drives, flash drives etc.). The tool is suitable for restoring data from all card errors, deletions and loss situations. It can also be noted that all media file types are well-supported by this application. The program can be readily installed on any Windows OS versions – Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/ Windows Server 2008 and 2003 editions. Moreover, there is no chance of modifications or alteration to any part of source content and card files can be easily recovered within a fraction of time.

Steps involved in getting off data from a bad SD media:

After successfully recovering data from a bad memory can you may proceed to reformat the card in Windows system or in the device.

Notable tips:

  • It is always a good practice to keep multiple copies of vital files as backup
  • Do not frequently use card among various devices or gadgets
  • Employ safe measures to eject the card

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