Restore Data from SD Card That Has Bad Sectors

“Hi all, I have a DSLR camera which I use to capture pictures and videos occasionally. It is my hobby to capture pictures and I am well versed in it. Therefore my friends and family members prefer me to take any clicks in any functions organized by them. Now, coming to the main point, the SD card which was being used by me to store captured data on the camera is not working. I do not know what went wrong, but when I am trying to view files on my camera, it is showing some error message ‘SD card has bad sectors’ and I am not able to view any data. Please help me suggesting a way to take out data from SD card as I do not have any backup of lost media files which are specially taken by me.”

The above may be the scenario which may set a panic in many users. In such situation, users would be thinking what has gone wrong with SD card; it is because of bad sectors on SD card of DSLR camera which results in error message and stops you from accessing its data. The bad sectors might have extended to affect file system on SD card and cause severe data loss or display error messages when you try viewing its data contents. However, don’t think that data in SD card is gone forever. Files still remain intact in the physical memory of SD card. You can restore data from SD card that has bad sectors using suitable card retrieval software. Before doing anything, you should know the reason for bad sectors on SD card. Being aware of the causes for bad sectors lets you keep your data safe and enjoy using SD card for years without any problem.

Causes for bad sectors on SD cards:

Whatever may be the reason behind formation of bad sectors on SD card, you can retrieve SD card data with bad sectors using the best card recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery software.

File recovery from SD card with bad sectors:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best SD card recovery software that can be used to bring back deleted or lost data from SD card on Windows computers irrespective of the cause. Other than bad sectors, this tool helps you to restore files from media files from formatted, corrupted, damaged or logically failed SD card.  You can get back deleted and lost photos, videos, audio files and other documents from SD card and other memory card types in simple steps. With the usage of this program, it is possible to restore even high definition videos and RAW images from SD cards used on DSLR cameras, camcorders, mobiles, media players, etc.  This tool works compatibly on any Windows PC/laptop that runs on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. Mac users can recover media files from SD card with bad sectors by using Yodot Mac Photo recovery software on their Mac OS X systems.

Procedural steps for recovering files from SD card having bad sectors:

Instructions to be followed:

  • Use one SD card per device i.e. avoid usage of same SD card on different digital devices
  • Keep scanning SD card to detect virus invasion and avoid data loss

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