How to Resolve Read/Write Error on SD Card?

World is stepping towards digitalization, where reformation of paper file to computer files, wired to wireless devices and many other new technologies are in gradual progress. Gathering data and stocking them requires efficient storage devices and one such resource, which is acting as a storehouse for data caching is SD card. Data accessing is quite easier with memory card; but sometimes there are few difficulties in utilizing them.

Have a glance at the scenario described below:

“My SD card data became unavailable as my system prompting Read/Write error message constantly. I can neither copy files to the card nor create new data on it. Do you know how to handle this problem? If yes, then please help me to bring back the card to normal state”

It’s quite annoying when error pops-up while accessing any vital files present on your storage device.

What actually is SD Read/Write error and what is the reason behind it?

This error makes difficult to access data or file that are stored on memory card.

Possible causes for occurrence of Read/Write error are:

  • Malicious software and virus invasion
  • Bad sectors on SD memory card
  • Disk structure damage of card
  • Mishandled way of ejecting SD cards during file transfer process
  • Terminating connected devices suddenly while card is still in use
  • File system corruption or RAW turned file system
  • When SD card is write protected

How to fix this issue?

Deploy below prescribed methods to relieve your SD card from read/write error

Method 1: Verify SD card physical components and its connection

  • Connect SD card to another device to ensure absence of compatibility issue
  • Check memory card reader as well as device driver properly
  • Test whether USB cable network is good or not

Method 2: Unlock Write-protected mode in SD card

  • Push the lock button directly which is present on memory card
  • Else use Diskpart command utility
  • Insert SD card into PC > Run command > type “Diskpart” and enter > then type “Listdisk”, identify your disk of interest > Type “select disk 1” if you need to fix disk 1 else pick whichever disk that needs fixation > Type “attribute disk clear read-only” and enter > Eject your memory card securely and reinsert it again to assure its successful fix

First two methods should be able to solve your issue but what if the card is not write-protected, all physical components are working well and there is no problem in cable connection? Don’t worry, check out upcoming methods.

Method 3: Use chkdsk command

This is an inbuilt repair tool in Windows system to identify and fix errors that are present on memory card.

But the only problem with this utility is there may be a chance to lose data after fixing errors using this command.

Method 4: Format your SD card

If you wish to reuse SD memory card for further use, then ultimate action is “formatting”. But this method will wipe out entire data residing on SD card. So be sure that data is of less importance or you have a backup copy of it, then only formatting is suggested; else fix this complication using next method without losing your files/data.

Utility to recover files after SD card Read/Write error?

Upon troubleshooting SD card with Read/Write errors using above ways, if problem still persists then without compromising, recover all your data using Yodot Photo Recovery tool. You can easily restore files and folders from SD card that is showing Read/Write error. It is also possible to get back data from Micro SD card not readable, Hard drive, Memory stick, Pen drive, USB flash and many other portable devices with the aid of this application. Supported media files by this utility are audio, video, RAW images, MS Office files and more. Windows OS versions supported by this software are Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 and Mac compatible version of the software is also available, which works well on Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Yosemite editions of Mac Operating system. Not just SD card, using this application you can even restore files from SDHC, SDXC and other kinds of media cards.

How to retrieve SD card data after Read/Write error with Yodot?

  • Get Yodot Photo Recovery tool downloaded on your Windows system
  • Launch application once installation is finished
  • Select “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose the drive that symbolizes your SD memory card
  • After hitting next button, scanning will be initiated
  • Click on “Skip” button
  • List of recoverable files will be displayed in two views
  • Mark your required files
  • Save restored files onto safe location on the system drive


  • Do not eject memory card when camera is on
  • Stop taking/viewing images during low battery

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