Best SD Card Recovery Tool to Recover Files from Your SD Card

No Problems come with a warning! There are times where you may end up losing photos from SD memory card. It might be due to simple delete action on SD card or some huge disaster like accidental formatting and card corruption. Other than these unpredictable factors, you may also face data loss on SD card due to actions like -

  • Abrupt removal of SD card during file transfer from SD card to your computer
  • Usage of same SD card on different digital cameras, gaming console, mobile phones etc.
  • Using SD card on virus-infected devices

Is it Possible to Recover Files from SD Card?

Yes, it is possible. When you delete/lost photos or any file from SD card, they will not completely erase from your device; just their index is removed from the card’s file system. They continue to exist on your SD card until you add or write anything on that drive from which you have lost data. Hence, it is recommended to stop writing anything on your SD card as soon as you lose files from it.

What Can Be Done to Recover Photos and Other Files from SD Card?

If you ever met with any of the above-mentioned problems and lost the precious files from SD card, then take it easy! Even though data lost from the SD card due to physical error is hard to recover, but data lost due to logical error can definitely be recovered by utilizing the best SD card data recovery tool like Yodot. In order to overcome the SD card data loss problem, Yodot Photo Recovery software has been launched an SD card recovery tool. Thus, you can easily get entire data back from SD card without any difficulty.

How to Recover Files from SD Card Recovery Tool?

Step 1: Connect the SD card to your computer with the help of a card reader or camera (via USB cable).

Step 2: Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on that system.

Step 3: On the main screen, choose Deleted Photo Recovery to recover deleted files from SD card or choose Lost Photo Recovery to restore lost files from SD card.

Main Window

Step 4: Next, select the SD card (SD card drive letter) from the list and proceed.

Select SD Card

Step 5: Select file types you want to restore from SD card (if you wish) else Skip this step.

Opt Skip

Step 6: After a quick scan, the SD card recovery tool gives a list of recovered files from SD card.

Shows Recovered Encrypted Files

Step 7: Select your required SD card files and Preview them.


Step 8: Opt Mark All or select adequate files from the list. Finally, Save recovered files by the SD card recovery software on the system drive.

Save Files

Know More About SD Card Recovery Software:

Yodot Photo Recovery software helps you to restore files from SD card at any data loss disaster with its deep scan mechanism. The tool even helps in recovering files when write protection or encryption is enabled on your SD card or you are facing SD card Read/Write error. This SD card recovery app even supports recovery of data from CF card, flash drive, memory sticks, internal hard drive, portable hard drive etc. This easy procedure mentioned above helps you to recover photos, video clips, audios or any file from all kinds of SD card such as SDHC, MiniSD, Micro SD, SDHC Plus etc. And, the tool well-works with all the SD card brands including SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Transcend, Sony, and more. It is a cost-effective SD card recovery software that lends you a helping hand when you are longing for a support even at terrible data loss situations.

Things To Remember

  • After using SD card recovery software, do not save the recovered files to the original location
  • Do not pull out SD card in mid of file transferring process
  • Check twice before deleting any unwanted file from SD card
  • Do not use the SD card further after you lose files from it

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