How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card - An Ultimate Guide..!

Just deleted or lost a bunch of important photos from your SD card? Wondering how to get them back? Then, here is a solution to recover photos from SD card. Yodot Photo Recovery Software will do the job of recovering deleted and lost photos from SD card for free. To know the complete procedure, just keep reading..!

Photos from SD memory card usually get lost due to accidental deletion, intentional or unintentional formatting of the card without having proper backup, and corruption of the SD card. No matter, how photos are lost or deleted from the SD card, Yodot Photo Recovery application brings back the pictures, videos, and other media files in a couple of clicks. The software is available for free download, just download and install it on your Windows/mac computer, and follow the below given instructions to recover photos from SD card.

NOTE: Once you notice that you have lost or deleted important photos from your SD card, and if you want to get them back, then don't save new files on the SD card. If the deleted or lost photos are overwritten with new files, then you can't get your photos back. So, immediately stop using the SD card once you lose your important photos. Before you overwrite the deleted or lost photos on your SD card, recover them with Yodot Photo recovery Software.

How to Recover Photos from SD Card with Yodot?

It is obvious that, unfortunately you may come across various situations where you might have deleted your vital photos, videos or any other files from SD card. Or your precious files might have lost because of several unknown reasons. Whatever may be the cause, result is data loss. To help you recover lost photos in such circumstances, Yodot Photo Recovery Software is an optimum solution, as it can recover files from corrupt SD card, formatted SD card, and deleted files from SD card that is used in all digital gadgets. Keep on reading to know completely about this efficient utility.

More about Yodot Photo Recovery Tool:

This SD Card Recovery Software is designed with simple user interface which gives complete instructions to user on how to retrieve deleted pictures from SD cards. It facilitates different options to restore deleted and lost files without any complication. Along with SD card, this application can also recover data from hard drive, SSD, pen drive, micro SD card, digital cameras and other external devices. It supports various media file types such as JPG, MOV, NEF, PSD, DIVX, MP3 RAW as well as other basic files such as documents, db files, spreadsheets, Outlook data files and many. After recovering deleted files, the tool offers Data View, and File Type View of the recovered photos from SD card. This application works efficiently on various Windows OS such as Win 10, Windows 8.x, Win 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.


  • Stop using your SD card (or any storage device) to save or access data the very next second you come across data loss incident
  • Handle your media cards carefully to prevent them from damage

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