Rescue Adobe Illustrator Images

“Someone please help me out!! I accidentally shift deleted my Adobe Illustrator images on Windows 7 system. While trying to delete few unwanted Adobe Illustrator photos, I unintentionally selected essential Adobe Illustrator image file and removed them. Even, I don’t have backup of deleted AI image files. Please anyone suggest me on how to recover deleted Adobe Illustrator images? Many thanks in advance.”

Adobe system introduced various graphic editing tools; Adobe Illustrator is one such image processing utility that fulfills rigorous requirements of professional as well as normal users. This tool is collaborated with creative cloud and allows you to share images, video and other animated files on various devices. Unluckily users may encounter situations wherein image files created or edited in Adobe Illustrator get vanished due to various reasons. Below mentioned are few causes for loss or deletion of Adobe Illustrator images:

  • Unexpectedly formatting Windows hard drive partition containing Adobe Illustrator images will wipe out all priceless AI pictures and other files preserved in it
  • Corruption issues in partition that holds all images of Adobe Illustrator might make that drive inaccessible
  • Malware attack to storage space where Adobe Illustrator images were saved may cause removal of infected AI photo files without your confirmation

In most of these events Adobe Illustrator images may get delete or go missing from Windows system drive. However, if backup of lost Adobe Illustrator images is present, then it is not necessary to worry! If not then it is the instant to depend upon accurate photo file retrieval program in order to rescue lost or removed Adobe Illustrator images.

Adobe Illustrator image file recovery utility:

One of the proficient picture file recovery tool to recover Adobe illustrator image file is Yodot Photo Recovery that can effectively retrieve Adobe Illustrator images after unwanted deletion or loss on Windows system. The program is designed with simple GUI and advanced list of options, which helps you in extracting Adobe illustrator photos without any issues. Moreover it can even rescue Photoshop CS3 files and other versions of Adobe Photoshop PSD files along with Adobe Illustrator AI images. This application is capable of recovering even generic photos file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, IMG, TIF, GIF, etc. It includes powerful media file recovery algorithms that aid in restoring even videos, songs and RAW images from various flash memory cards, hard drives, iPods, pen drives, etc. on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 laptops and desktops.

Steps to extract Adobe Illustrator images:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery utility to Windows computer and install it
  • Afterward run the software and stick to given on screen instructions
  • In main screen, click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to get back deleted Adobe Illustrator images or “Lost Photo Recovery” option to rescue missing images of Adobe Illustrator
  • Then from list of partitions present in next window, select the one from where you need to restore Adobe Illustrator images
  • In next screen you will find recoverable files if necessary mention the file formats that you want to retrieve or simply skip this step
  • Later the program start quick scanning of selected partition and comes up with recoverable Adobe Illustrator image files
  • Mark required Adobe Illustrator photo files from the list of restorable files using “Data view” or “File Type view” options and view those image files by clicking on “Preview” button
  • Further specify a new destination location on Windows system drive and save retrieved Adobe Illustrator images

Important Tips:

  • Overcome unintentional deletion or loss of Adobe Illustrator images by backing up all AI picture files in external storage devices
  • Before deleting any Adobe Illustrator images verify for the right selection of the files
  • Sustain finest anti-virus software on Windows computer

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