How to Recover DNG Files

“Hi, I just came back from a photo tour having lots of awesome snaps in my Digicam. Surprisingly, I could not find those images when I explored my camera SD card to transfer them to my computer hard drive. I tried connecting the card again with a hope to find s photos, but it was off no use. Now how can I do DNG file recovery? All images were in DNG file format!”.

Well, this is not happening to you only, but there are many camera users who have experienced the same problem. Like any RAW image, DNG file could also get lost or erased from the camera or any other storage device. But it’s not an end of your favorite collection of photos; you can get back all those photo files with a professional photo recovery application.

DNG (Digital Negative) file is similar to any RAW photo file which is Adobe’s proprietary image standard created earlier to contain image information in a generic and high compressed form. Unlike RAW image files that have particular formats according to digital camera type and their manufacturer, DNG is like a universal and highly compatible format to save image data after processing several RAW image file. DNG file is smaller than any RAW image file but contains full information of RAW file. With respect to the better expediency and quality features, DNG file is supported by different digital camera brands like PENTAX, Samsung, Leica, CASIO etc. Unfortunately, these image files can be deleted or lost from your camera in many circumstances. Let’s have a look on few common scenarios accountable for loss or deletion of DNG files as given below:

  • Improper Import: User may encounter missing of DNG files due to interrupt or erroneous import after processing RAW image file to DNG file
  • File Transfer Failure: DNG file could be lost while transferring DNG files from camera SD card to the computer hard drive or vice-versa may go interrupted because of power failure or sudden ejection of the card In such case DNG file could be lost
  • Accidental Deletion: While previewing photos on camera, user could press “Delete All” option which results in removal of all DNG pictures from camera SD card
  • Format Error: If you format the memory card on digital camera purposely or after receiving format errors, it will erase all files from card including your DNG files

You may lose DNG image files under various data loss circumstances, but it is also possible to get back all DNG files easily with the aid of any good photo recovery software.

DNG file recovery tool:

DNG file recovery goes very easy and effective when you have Yodot Photo Recovery tool installed on your system. It is composed of comprehensive file recovery features to recover DNG picture file recovery after several data loss instances. This software has strong tendency to retrieve DNG and other RAW image files which are produced by wide range of professional SLR and DSLR cameras from different manufacturers like Sony, canon, Nikon, Samsung, PENTAX, CASIO, Fujifilm, Kodak, Sigma, etc. In addition to RAW image files, users can also retrieve photos, videos, music files and other documents from various flash memory cards, iPods, pen drives, portable hard drives and system hard drives with ease.

Few simple steps to perform DNG file recovery!

  • First download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on your computer
  • Launch the software and go with the onscreen procedure
  • Based on the data loss scenario, make use of “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover your DNG photos
  • Software starts scanning and lists out all the logical and external storage drives available in your computer
  • Select the drive or memory card from where DNG image files are to be retrieved and click on Next button
  • After scanning is accomplished, software displays all the recovered files from the selected drive
  • Use Preview option see restored DNG file and to judge recovery result before saving recovered images
  • Select the location where you wish to save recovered DNG files; it must be different from drive from where you have recovered DNG images


  • Keep backup of important DNG photos on reliable storage media in order to retrieve them in case of loss or deletion
  • Scan system hard drive or other storage media containing DNG files with effective antivirus program to remove external threats from system

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