Why Am I Getting Image Database File Not Ready Error?

Handheld digital cameras are one of the amazing devices to capture memories. As with normal functioning of camcorder, there arises some unexpected error that halts to continue performing any normal operations. One such issue is – ‘image database file is not ready’ that created some kind of bad impression among many users. Here is a resembling incident:

“Hello, I have a 32GB memory card inserted to my camera. It has lots of captured photos. Today when I turned on the camera it says “image database file is not ready” and this did not let me click anymore pictures. It asks to format but as much as I know it will wipe all existing data on card. What could be done to save my camera pictures?”

The error encounters when required image database files are not available in the camera memory card. It is true that the error will not let to continue use the camera. Even re-inserting the card onto device may not be of much help, the problem still remains. This error would further prompt to format the card data but when attempted it won’t be possible to do so. Overall it turns to be a stuck up situation.


Card format is the actual solution to resolve image database file not ready issue. But it won’t be directly possible in camera. Prior to this, an attempt can be made in another way to solve the problem. It is achieved by going with Recover Image Database option present in the camera itself. There are quite chances of successful repair with this in-built camera option.

In case the trouble doesn’t appear to be resolved then go ahead and insert the SD card to a computer and try to format it there. But if there is a necessity to restore data before format then proceed to backup card data. The error may have impact on photos saved on memory card which in turn make them inaccessible. At this phase, Yodot Card Recovery tool will be of utmost help. It offers a safest way to extract files off the card devices.

Alternate solution: Another approach to fix image database is to use Repair Utility provided by respective camera manufacturer. It should be done carefully, some sort of technical knowledge in running new tools would be an added advantage.

A closer look on memory card data recovery application:

Well-programmed: Yodot Photo Recovery tool is programmed with eminent algorithms that instantly fetches data from memory cards that are corrupted by some or the other reasons.

File types: Extensive support for all formats of data including images, audio, video, text, raw files and other media types. File retrieval is regardless of type of data saved on removable media.

Operating system:The software is available in separate versions of Windows and Mac. Windows edition supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/Windows Server 2008 and 2003. Mac version of recovery tool runs on Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.

Device support: Recovery implies to all not reading micro SD card, SDHC card, CF cards, XD card, TF card, MMC’s, memory sticks and external storage interfaces like pen drives, iPods so on.

Data recovery procedure:

Once recovering card data, fully charge the camera battery then continue to reformat the memory card. This will absolutely put an end to image database not ready error. Because reformatting will create a new image database.

Side note:

  • It is preferred to format a new card before inserting into camera slot
  • Backing up important files will put you to a safer side during data loss situations
  • Do not frequently switch the card among multiple devices
  • Avoid pulling out 8GB memory card from your system during and after transfer process

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