How to Recover Pictures from Corrupt CF Card?

Are you seeking for the response to the query on how to regain images from corrupted CF card? Many people exactly don’t know whether it is possible to extract pictures from compact flash card after corruption? However, this article clarifies all such doubts of users who search web to get an appropriate answer for their queries. So proceed further to read the information given here.

If your CF memory card got corrupted, then you cannot access its contents. In such circumstances, you may feel that formatting is only the way to reuse that CF card. But, you are aware of the fact that formatting of CF card leads to loss of your precious photos and other data preserved in it. Therefore, you are unable to take decision and struck in middle of the problem. Let us discuss about Compact Flash card:

  • CF cards are kind of memory cards works based on flash memory technology
  • These portable devices are used as extended storage space in digital gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phone and other device
  • You can store huge amount of data up to 32 GB using CF cards
  • One can read its contents on computer by connecting the card through cable or card reader

However, these devices are not exempted from data loss. Due to human mistakes and some logical problems your compact flash card might get damaged or corrupted. In few instances, file system of the CF card gets corrupted due to virus or malware attack, incorrect handling i.e. removing the compact flash card without clicking on “Safely Remove” or “Eject” option. Interruptions in form of abrupt system shut down or switching off the camera while transferring the images from CF card to computer might cause corruption to your CF card. Thereby files on compact flash card become unreadable leading to loss of your memorable pictures files saved in it.

What are indications for corrupted CF memory card?

  • You will get an error messages like “Card not initialized”, “Card is to be formatted, format it now”, “Unable to access the card” etc on your digital camera or system when you try to access its data
  • These error warnings restrict you from accessing previously saved images or storing new pictures in CF card

What is the appropriate solution to recover photos from corrupt CF card?

In case you encounter CF card corruption, then use Yodot Photo Recovery software to overcome the data loss scenario. You can successfully accomplish recovery of photos from corrupted CF memory card on Windows OS. It is a fine card recovery utility that supports retrieval of images along with videos, audio files and other files after compact flash memory card corruption. In addition, you can get back missing pictures, RAW images, videos and music files under various reasons from other memory cards like SD, MMC, XD and so on.

The application uses intensive scanning method to restore erased photos of all types like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc and even RAW image files from memory cards used in digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc. The program performs photo recovery from not only memory cards but also from other devices like digital cameras, flash drives, hard drive, external hard drive and many more on Windows system.

Go through the steps to complete CF card photo recovery:

  • Connect CF card to your Windows PC with the help of card reader or USB cable
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery application and install it to your system
  • After installation, launch the program in order to start the restoration process
  • You can see two option on the main screen, they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Lost Photo Recovery” option in order to extract lost image files from corrupted compact flash card
  • Once the selection is done, this utility checks and displays all the logical drives which are associated in your system
  • Choose the drive that represents your CF card, and click on “Next”
  • Then the software displays the pictures files that are present in your memory card
  • Mark the images that you need to retrieve back. You can even opt for “Mark all” option to select all the files
  • Preview the photos before saving them
  • At last browse your desired location and click on “Save” option to save rescued pictures


  • After photo recovery process, do not save the retrieved images to the same location i.e CF card
  • Frequently back up your precious photos stored on CF card to computer and other external hard drive
  • Avoid removing CF card suddenly from host devices while accessing its contents

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