M2 Memory Card Data Recovery

“I have a 16 GB M2 memory card which I use to store precious media files on my Sony mobile phone. Today morning as usual I downloaded many songs from online portal and thought listening to those music tracks. However, when I tried to access songs in my mobile, it displayed ‘Card error’ on screen. Afterwards, I connected my M2 memory card to PC, however same error showed in computer as well. The only option left with me to get rid of this error is to format my M2 memory card. So, I formatted M2 memory card, but how to should I restore data from my formatted M2 flash card?”

Memory Stick Micro card is commonly known as M2 memory card, it is an efficient flash card type. Usually, this memory card is used to store data on mobile phones, digital cameras, music players and many other digital gadgets. This M2 memory card offers high data transfer speed and available in the range of 64MB to 16GB storage capacity. However, as a result of various factors M2 flash cards undergo data loss mishap. Virus attack is one of the major aspects which lead to data loss or removal of precious data from M2 memory card. When M2 memory card is used in unsecure devices, it may open to harmful viruses in such events it’s file system may get corrupt and show different error when you are about to access data stored in it and make it inaccessible.

Data from Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card is lost or deleted not only due to above specified reason, but also because of unintentional deletion or formatting operations in M2 flash card, ejecting M2 memory card while transferring files to other devices, using the same M2 flash card on multiple gadgets and so on. After encountering any of these data loss disaster situations, make use of an accurate memory card recovery application to recover M2 memory card data.

M2 flash card data recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is one such reliable software through which you can successfully restore all deleted and missing media data from M2 memory card. This program efficiently bring back music tracks, video clips, picture files, documents, RAW images and lot more files from M2 flash card. Along with Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card, you can get data from multimedia card, Memory Stick, secure digital card, compact flash card, extended picture card and many more high performance flash cards. This tool support M2 memory card recovery on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008 and 2003 operating systems based computers. Mac user can go for Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to avail data restoration from M2 memory card on Mac system.

Steps to restore data from M2 memory card:


  • Avoid storing new files on M2 card after data loss to evade data overwriting
  • Never disconnect M2 memory card during file transferring process
  • Don’t use M2 memory card on different devices or OS platforms

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