Data Recovery from RAW SD Card

SD cards are the widely used piece of storage in portable devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, and other electronic gadgets. But sometimes, you may come across a situation where you cannot access files on your SD card. Upon connecting the SD card to your computer, the system may fail to recognize the card. This unusual behavior of SD card is most probably due to the corruption of SD card file system, which leaves SD card in RAW state.

A RAW SD card is nothing but an inaccessible SD card without any file system (corrupted file system). And, the general causes for RAW SD card are virus infections, errors during file transfer, incorrect handling of the card, format/re-format errors, usage of same SD card on different devices, etc.

When your SD card becomes RAW, it shows “SD card error raw”, “SD card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” etc. errors. And, all media files like photos, videos, songs and other files saved on it becomes unreadable; as Windows/Mac OS cannot recognize the RAW file system of the SD card. However, it is easy to fix a RAW SD card. Wondering how? It’s simple. Either you can repair the RAW SD card using CMD or recover data from RAW SD card and format it later for further use.

How to Repair RAW SD Card Without Losing Data?

Method 1. Use CMD to Repair RAW SD Card

When you think your SD card is corrupted or it became RAW, then try to fix the card using CHKDSK from Command Prompt. And, here are the steps to repair a RAW SD card via CMD.

  • Go to Start, select Run, open Command Prompt by typing cmd.exe
  • Next type chkdsk /X /F code in CMD window (where X is RAW SD card drive letter)
  • Wait for the completion of process and exit from the CMD

CMD helps in fixing RAW SD card successfully without affecting your data present on the card. But, sometimes, you may see an error message that states “the type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives”. Then you have to go for next method to fix your RAW SD card.

Method 2. Recover Data from RAW SD Card and Format

Thinking how to recover data from RAW SD card? Well, it is simple. By making use of Yodot Card Recovery program you can easily get back files stored on RAW SD card. And, here is how to do it.

Step by Step Guidelines to Recover Files from RAW SD Card:

  • Install Yodot Photo Recovery software on your computer and connect the RAW SD card to it
  • Launch the software and choose Lost Photo Recovery option on the main screen
  • From the list, select the drive that represents your SD card and hit Next
  • Provide file types to recover or simply click on Skip button (to recover entire data by default)
  • Now you will see all the recovered files in two view types namely Data View and File Type View
  • Mark your required files and preview all the media files before saving
  • Finally, save recovered files to preferred location (not on same SD card)

Now, your SD card data is safe. So, format the SD card for further use.

Know About RAW SD Card Recovery Software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best card recovery program that is capable of restoring media files from many types of memory cards irrespective of how they are lost or deleted. This software can recover variety formats of photo files, video files, audio files, songs and other documents from RAW SD card. In addition, it can also retrieve deleted or lost data from files from Mini SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC, SDXC, XD, CF, MMC and Memory Sticks on Windows OS. Also, a Mac compatible edition is available. Moreover, you can preview recovered media files and make sure that you have selected right one to recover. With powerful data recovery capability and wizard-like GUI, this card recovery is most recommended by experts.

Suggestions to Follow:

  • Do not use single SD card in different storage device and avoid sudden removal of SD card when it is in use
  • In order to get rid of the viruses, make use of any good antivirus software

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