Why Does My Olympus Camera Say XD Card Error? How Can I Fix It?

In digital cameras, XD cards are used as memory cards. Several types of card readers are compatible with it, and it has a large storage capacity. XD cards are also known as XD picture cards. It is possible, however, that an XD picture card becomes corrupted for several unexpected reasons. So, here are some feasible XD card repair solutions I will share with you in this article.

What is An XD Card Error?

Your XD memory card gives rise to an “XD card error” when its File Allocation Table is corrupted, damaged, or broken. XD’s File Allocation Table may get corrupted due to sudden power surges when the card is in use, ejecting the card while shooting or viewing pictures, virus intrusion, using a single card on multiple devices, formatting cards on unsupported gadgets, etc.

What Can Be Done to Error Screening XD?

Your valuable pictures, videos, and many other files stored on the XD card could disappear or become inaccessible when it is showing an error. At this situation, you need to proceed carefully. So don't take any photos or videos, and don’t try to edit, or delete anything on the XD-picture card. You will corrupt the card even more if you write/read it.

Workaround to Safeguard Files Present on XD Card:

Error 1: XD Card is Not Formatted

Error 1 is associated with the formatting of the XD Card. In most cases, when the XD Card undergoes corruption, the XD shows a "Not Formatted Error." As soon as you connect the SD card to your computer, the system demands to reformat the digital camera. The main causes behind this error might be linked with a virus, malware, bad sectors, and poor handling of cards.

Method 1: Format the XD Card

Error 2: XD Card is Not Recognizable by Camera

The second error known to the man regarding the XD card is that it does not recognize the digital camera as it is inserted into the system. The message error shows, There is no card inserted. This error message is a source of distress for the users. A wide range of reasons can be linked to it, including some malware or virus attacks, corrupted cards, or inbuilt hardware problems.

Method 2: Formatting in the System And Digital Camera

Follow the steps below carefully to get out of the fix and repair XD Card.

Error 3: XD Card Malfunctions

Another error related to XD Card is its malfunction which mostly occurs due to improper or inadequate operation. The lack of user skill may generate this error and affect the normal functioning of the XD Card.

Method 3: Delete and Copy Files

To combat XD Card malfunctions, the user is advised to follow the guidelines below. There are general tools that can be utilized even when there is no error at hand.

Error 4: XD Card Compatibility Issue

Before using the XD Card, you must be well informed of its compatibility with card readers as well as digital cameras. If the card reader in use does not recognize the XD Card inserted, it will run into a problem. This will leave an impact on the standard working system of cards and affect the media storage.

Method 4: Yodot to Recover Data After XD Card Error:

The software works in read-only mode and never writes on your XD-picture card; so your data as well card is uninterrupted. If you have deleted photos from an XD card, formatted it by accident, the card’s file system is damaged, etc then also the program will help you to retrieve lost and erased image and video files. The application assures perfect data recovery not only when the XD card shows an error, but also aids and restores fatal error reading SD memory card data, corrupted CF card files, and more.

Steps to Recover Data From Card Showing XD Error?

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