Why Does My Olympus Camera Say XD Card Error? How Can I Fix It?

Memory Cards like SD, CF, XD-picture and many are mainly used to store captured images and videos. For some reason these cards may behave strangely and prevents you from accessing saved files on them. Let’s have a look at one such XD card issue.

“I have travelled overseas and took tons of photos using my Olympus OMD. I couldn’t copy those images to computer as I was busy. Last night, I took few more pictures and videos. When I turned on camera this morning, it displayed “XD Card Error” message. I removed the card from camera, blew it and inserted back. No result, my photos are not showing up. But in Viewfinder setting, it shows like there are 720 images remaining. So, my card has data. Is there any way by which I can recover my photos? Also, what is the cause for this “XD Card Error” so that I can evade it in future?”

When “XD Card Error” pops up on digital camera as soon as you power it would be the frustrating and most upsetting instant, as you have huge quantity of photos saved on card.

What is XD card error?

Your XD memory card gives rise to “XD card error” when its File Allocation Table is corrupted, damaged or broken. XD’s File Allocation Table may get corrupt due to sudden power surge when card is in use, ejecting card while shooting or viewing pictures, virus intrusion, using single card on multiple devices, formatting card on unsupported gadgets etc.

What can be done to error screening XD?

Your valuable pictures, videos and many other files stored on XD card could disappear or became inaccessible when it is showing error. At this situation you need to proceed carefully. So don't take any photos or videos, don’t try to edit, delete anything on the XD-picture card. You will corrupt the card even more, if you write/read it.

Work-around to safeguard files present on XD card:

  • Connect XD card into other device (different camera)
  • If card works then copy entire files from it
  • Put the card back to original device

If you still face the error then problem could be with your device and not in XD card.

If above method fails to present your files then

  • Plug XD card directly into your system
  • See you can extract any files saved on it
  • After you retrieve all your files, double check them
  • Format the card on your Olympus camera to resolve the error

If you are unable to copy files from XD card via above methods then try Yodot Photo Recovery software to fetch your data from error screening XD card.

Yodot to recover data after XD card error:

The software works in read-only mode and never writes on your XD-picture card; so your data as well card is uninterrupted. If you have deleted photos from XD card, formatted it by accident, card’s file system is damaged etc then also the program will help you to retrieve lost and erased image and video files. The application assureds perfect data recovery not only when XD card showing error, but also aids and restores fatal error reading SD memory card data, corrupted CF card files and more. Apart from image and video, the utility is capable of retrieving various other file types like music, RAW pictures, Office files, PDFs etc from corrupted, unreachable, undetected media cards that shows different errors. Along with various sorts of media card, the program is compatible in restoration of files from USB, Pen drive, SSD, internal hard disk, portable drive and other storage spaces. It works flawlessly on all editions of Windows computer and also OS X fitted version is available.

Steps to recover data from card showing XD error?

  • Avail Yodot Photo Recovery on your system
  • Find a card reader and attach the XD card
  • Choose Lost Photo Recovery on main screen of tool
  • Select your connected XD card from displayed list
  • Proceed and click on Skip button
  • Look into File Type View/Data View
  • Mark XD card files which you wish to restore
  • Preview retrieved files to ensure recovery process
  • Mention location on system drive and hit Save option

Helpful points:

  • Never remove XD card when your camera is on
  • Memory cards possess finite Read/Write cycle. So don’t save any vital data on card that you are using from several years