How To Recover Music From a Damaged SD Card?

The corruption of memory cards is the most frustrating situation ever. A corrupted SD card will either stop working or show errors whenever connected to any system. Thus, all Music and other files saved on such a card will be out of reach. Fortunately, this situation can be resolved quickly by restoring music files from corrupted SD cards with the help of an SD card recovery tool.

Written by Lucy John on February 02, 2023

"Hello There, my SD memory card from the MP3 player got corrupted due to malware, and all music files from the card are gone. How can I get back all my favorite music tracks from this corrupt SD card? Many of us faced the above scenario, or if you are facing the same situation. Don't worry; this article will help you recover Audio files quickly."

What are the Causes of Audio Files Disappearing from SD Cards?

Music and Audio files might get disappeared from your SD card due to variations which are mentioned below:

Method to Recover Audio Files from Damaged SD Card

Below are the methods to Fix Songs from a Damaged SD Card

Method 1: Make use of an external Card Reader to restore Music From the SD card

The built-in memory card reader on your system may not be working correctly. Try accessing another SD card on your system to rule out this possibility. If the new memory card can be accessed, it is the SD card that has the music files and not the built-in card reader that is the problem. To recover your music files if your new memory card does not work, use an external card reader while visiting an authorized service center to repair or replace your built-in memory card reader.

Method 2: Reinstall the driver to recover songs from the Damaged SD Card

If your system does not recognize your SD card, then you can try to reinstall the driver using the below-mentioned steps:

Method 3: Assign a New Drive Letter to the SD Card

Follow the below steps to recover your music files by assigning a new drive letter

Method 4: Recover Audio Files Damaged SD card using Chkdsk

To fix a corrupt SD card, you can perform Chkdsk by following the below-mentioned steps:

After trying all the above methods, if you are still unable to recover your music collection from the SD card, do not worry; you can recover Audio files using it.

Recover Audio Files from Damaged SD Cards using the SD recovery tool

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is the best card recovery program to retrieve inaccessible files from damaged SD cards on Windows PC. This tool is made of high-tech algorithms to ease the work of recovering Audio like MP3, AMR, etc. software can recover deleted music files from an SD card.

Steps to Restore Music from a Damaged SD Card:

Points To Note:

  • Do not remove the SD card abruptly during any file transfer process.
  • It is advised to create a proper backup of Music and other data from the SD card.
  • Equip the system with a supreme antivirus tool to treat harmful viruses.

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