How to Retrieve Sony SXS Card Data?

“I have had the worst day of my life. This is because I have deleted an entire set of folder from my Sony SXS card that contained all my pictures right from my school time and to make things worse I have not backed up any of the photos. Guys, I really need my memories back, so I hoping to get a reply as soon as possible that can guide me in recovering deleted pictures from Sony SXS card that was connected to my Windows system.”

Sony’s SXS series of memory card is used in Sony XDCAM HD and other camcorders is intended to carry advancements made in video capturing. Read and write rates of this card can go up to 1.2 Gbps; it is also included with “power failure management” and “data error correction” and “data defects minimizing” functions that assists user at worst case scenarios. In spite of all these functions, at times you may face loss of data from Sony SXS card.

Some of the scenarios that are responsible for loss of data from Sony SXS card are:

Ok, you have accidentally lost data from your Sony SXS card which you had thought you had backed up securely. Keep in mind that once data is lost from Sony SXS card, files are not permanently removed and henceforth they can be recovered with the use of best card recovery application.

Program to restore data from Sony SXS card:

Yodot Photo Recovery gives you the finest details for recovering deleted / lost data from Sony SXS card on Windows system. With the help of best interactive interface, entire set of data can be easily retrieved from Sony SXS card without getting stuck at any point of time. Rescued list of files can be viewed on the basis of file name, size of file and so on. User can also recover deleted photos from Sony SD card as well as other media files from different brands of memory cards that are available like Samsung, Lexar, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston and many others. If any doubts arise as to how to install or perform the recovery procedure, user can always find the support of our technical staff; will be available 24/7 to assist you.

Guidelines to recover deleted / lost data from Sony SXS card:

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Avoid using Sony SXS card on different system across network to overcome data loss
  • Always scan your Sony SXS card before using it on any system
  • Follow proper procedure while removing Sony SXS card from system to avoid file loss

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