Recover Data from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

“I have connected Sony digital camera which is loaded with Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo to the computer in order to transfer photos. As Sony digital camera’s battery was running out of power, it got turned off and the transmission process interrupted for the same. When I charged digital camera to see whether everything is okay, I was shocked. The photos which I was supposed to transfer were missing from it. I checked my computer but those photos were not transferred to it. If someone has come across such problem and got the solution then please let me know.”

Photos from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo can be easily lost due to various reasons and above explained is one of them. There are many users who utilize Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo in their camera and camcorders as it delivers enough capacity to capture your cherished memories. It is ideal companion because of its easy plug and play usability providing immediate expansion of memory storage needed for carrying more photos, videos and other data. However, many people are under the impression that Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo can protect their data forever. But is not true!!! As data loss does not encounter without warning, it is recommended to keep another copy of files present in Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. If you forget to do so then you might lose it due to following reasons:

These are few mistakes which you may commit while using Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. There are other logical issues which happen even if you are very careful about your Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. They are.

Apart from these reasons, data from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo could also get deleted due to some unknown reasons. But reasons do not matter when you have solution to overcome it and it being using powerful photo recovery software.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Data Recovery Software

Yodot Photo Recovery will free you from above situation by recovering entire data from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. It would check Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo first and then recovers entire data without fail. It classifies data according to the situations so that you can easily make out which is deleted one and which is lost one. Being photo recovery software it has the ability to restore other media files such as music, videos and so on without damaging its original quality. In case you want to retrieve specific file type then it provides option to restore only that file type and save your time in scanning whole hard drive. You can make use of this software to restore data from not only Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo but other storage media devices such as memory card, USB drive, iPod, internal and external storage media etc. on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Go as directed to recover data from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Actions to be taken to prevent data loss

  • Do not make default storage location as Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo in your camera. If you do so, photos will be saved in camera memory and memory stick photos does not get harmed even if you click pictures when battery is low
  • Make sure that you regularly transfer data from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo to computer in order to safeguard it from any data loss disaster
  • If any case you encounter data loss from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo then do not use it unless and until you retrieve files from it

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