Resolve Error MS Word File Could Not Initialize Properly

“Hi, I have got struck in a problem for which I need your help to find a solution. When I click on a Word file, it says that ‘Microsoft Word could not initialize properly’. It was working fine the last time when used. Now, I do not understand what went wrong to cause this error. Microsoft Word file which is not opening by showing error message contains very important data. I need the information in the Word file back somehow. Please help. Thanks in advance...”

You might find the posts like above in various technical blogs. If you are struck in such situations or similar ones, then here is the solution. Before knowing about solving the problem, let us know about the cause for it. When Word file shows the error message that it could not initialize properly, then it is because of software updates which might have changed the behavior of Word application; it might have caused due to badly written installer code. When some DLL files are missing, then also you get the initialization issue. There are many situations that prevent normal working of Word file and shows error such as Microsoft Word could not initialize properly; few are as given below:

You can try fixing the initialization issue when Word file is tried to open, by uninstalling and installing the Microsoft Office suite on your PC. If the file still doesn’t open then you can use Word file repair software for fixing it. Yodot DOC Repair is the best tool that can be used to fix Word file on your computer.

Word document error repair software:

Yodot DOC Repair software helps you repair error opening DOCX or DOC file on your PC. In addition to error Microsoft Word could not initialize properly, this Word file repair tool has ability to resolve ‘Word cannot complete the save due to file permission error’, ‘Word document not available’, ‘Word experienced an error trying to open the file’, ‘Word error this file could not be found’ and other error warnings. This utility has powerful scanning mechanism and has simple user interface. You can repair even documents which are password protected or encrypted by using this application. This program is capable of fixing Microsoft Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 documents corrupted or damaged to any extent when inbuilt functionalities of Word repair option ‘Open and Repair’ fails. This software has the ability to fix Word file and recover text, hyperlinks, images, tables and other attributes from documented in it. Apart from Word documents related issues, when users cannot initialize hard drive due to IO error, partition, format or any other errors then they can opt for Yodot other products.

Steps to repair Microsoft Word Document Could Not Initialize Error:


  • Use efficient anti-virus software and keep your Word file away from any virus or other threats
  • Always backup your important Word file soon after working on it in order to use it in case of loss or corruption of another copy

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