Data Restoration after IO Error on Hard Drive

“Hi, whenever I am trying to access data from a partition from hard drive on my computer, it is showing an error message; the message reads that the drive could not be accessed due to I/O device error. I have huge data stored in it. Upon asking others, all are telling to format the drive. But I have huge data stored it which I had been adding to the drive from very long period. Therefore I am not willing to format the hard drive. I am posting this here in the hope of getting correct solution. Thanks in advance...”

You may get a post like above in many forums. If you are one such user whose hard drive became unreadable after IO error and looking for a solution to restore data, then here it is. You can get back data from hard drive showing IO error using data restoration software. IO error means, Input Output error; this occurs when the Operating System of computer fails to read or write data from or onto any storage devices like external hard drive, pen drive, SD card, CD and DVD connected externally to the computer. Hard drive registry is the database where data about the storage space where files are saved is present. The registry is used frequently and parts of it may get damaged often. It may result in IO error at any point of time while trying to access data from system. There are many IO errors that pop up while using different devices on your system; some are error 131, error 105, error 103, error 21, error 6, etc.

Consequences in which hard drive IO error occurs:

Whatever may be the reason behind IO errors, you can remove it by finding out the cause of error. You might have removed IO errors but what can you do to retrieve data from hard drive after IO error? In that situation, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software can be used.

Hard drive recovery software:

You can restore data lost or inaccessible after hard drive IO error using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software effectively on your Windows platform. It helps you to retrieve data of different formats like documents, videos, audios, excel sheets, PDFs, etc. It supports data recovery from damaged hard drive, computer showing blue or black screen of death and other critical situations. It has simple interface and restores huge data in minimum time with its powerful scanning method. This program lets you retrieve data from external devices like external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and so on. With this tool, you can restore data after simple to complex data loss situations on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedural steps to recover data from hard drive IO error:

Note: Make sure that the external drive has sufficient free storage space to save recovered data


  • Use anti-virus software to keep hard drive clean from viruses and avoid IO error
  • Usage of UPS while transferring files is necessary to avoid interruption of process and damage any part of file system to cause IO error in future

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