Recover Data from a Failed Hard Drive

You have spent too many months putting details of your customer in an important document. One day as you were about to finish your work, odd sounds began to emanate from your hard drive. The keyboard became unresponsive and the mouse cursor disabled, unable to move around the screen. You switched it off and then turned on your PC to check whether it is working fine and to backup the files you have worked upon. But soon after the system boot up, error message “hard disk drive failure" is displayed interrupting the startup process. Rather than hard drive failure, you were worried about valuable documents that were present on Windows hard drive.

Everyone knows hard drive is the most vital component of any computer. If RAM (Random Access Memory) fails, you can buy new one; even if the motherboard dies, you may replace it with the new one. You can also buy a new hard disk when hard drive fails to work, but what about the priceless amount of data, which you saved on hard drive without taking data backup? Can you buy it? Of course not, so what is your next approach to get back data from your failed hard drive? Though you cannot buy or create same files again, you will be glad to know that it is possible to retrieve data from failed computer hard drive with the aid of data recovery software.

However, hard drive shows certain symptoms before it totally fails to work. If you recognize those symptoms or warning errors and take complete backup of your data, then you will be on safer side when hard drive failure occurs. Here are list of warning signs exhibited by hard drive before it fails:

Is there a way to retrieve data from a failed hard drive?

Yes, hard drive failures can sneak you up especially if you ignore its early symptoms and warning signs. Hence it is advised to create backup copy of hard drive data on other storage media. In case, if hard drive failed and you lack its data backup or backup is not updated, then utilizing good third party hard drive recovery tool will be best choice in this case. One utility which would definitely rescue and extract data from failed hard drive is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

This tool is well-built with advanced data recovery services to bring back data from hard drive any sort of logical issues on Windows OS. Other than failed hard drive, you will be able to restore data from crashed, corrupted, formatted, re-partitioned, unbootable hard drive and even from hard disk which has bad sectors. It supports hard drive models that has SCSI, SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE and Fire Wire drive interfaces. This software automatically scans your failed hard drive to find and extract maximum number of files in very short time.

Steps to perform failed hard drive recovery:

Note: Remove hard drive from your computer and connect it to another healthy system as a secondary device and recover files from it using Yodot hard drive recovery software.

Valuable Tips:

  • Run a virus scan when you face unusual problems on your hard drive
  • Protect your system from physical or mechanical damages
  • Avoid improper termination of computer, which can corrupt data stored on the hard drive

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