Geting Back Data from Dead IDE Hard Drive

“Hi, I had configured an IDE interfaced hard drive on my desktop as the previous hard drive was about to dispose. Then I placed all the backup data and the drive was working just fine for long period, till today. As I was about to repartition this IDE interfaced hard drive on my system using some free online program, the process ended up in crashing hard drive severely. This happened as I followed wrong instructions while using the program. Now, my system is neither getting started nor showing any sign of relief. I’m worried that all my priceless data will be in vain as there is no backup of recent data taken from hard drive. How can I recover data from this IDE hard drive that stopped working? Please suggest significant solutions for this situation. Thanks in advance.”

IDE is a standard hard drive interface used for connecting storage devices like hard disk, floppy disk etc. to computers. Integrated Drive Electronics was first developed by Western Digital which was later termed as ATA or Parallel ATA (PATA). This advanced technology interface is integrated with drive controller that makes it different from other interfaces. This interface between hard drive and the computer is done through a 40 pin cable. However, data stored in IDE hard drive on computers can get lost or become unreachable in countable ways, of which given below are few commonly incurred scenarios:

When there is severe malfunctioning of IDE hard drive on computer, it may start giving clicking noises on start up; may turn off suddenly without intimation or it may stop responding completely. This conveys that IDE hard disk on computer is failed or dead and cannot boot further. Instances like this may bring you a feel of terror about losing valuable data saved in it. But do not worry, as there are ways to get out of this situation. By employing any safe and proficient data recovery program like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery one can recover data from dead IDE hard drive without much trouble.

Best utility to get off data from dead IDE hard disk:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the significant tool to be used to retrieve all lost and inaccessible data from dead or failed hard drives interfaced with IDE. Its uncommon recovery strategies are capable of recovering MS office documents, videos, pictures, compressed files, program files, folders and many more from corrupt or damaged hard drives. Apart from IDE or PATA interface, the software supports for SATA, SCSI and SAS hard drive data recovery on Windows computers and laptops with utmost ease. Also, this program is skilled to retrieve data from storage devices like external hard drive, USB flash drive (pen drive), SSD, FireWire drive, memory cards and storage media. This tool can be used on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers to accomplish data recovery after any data loss event takes place.

Simple steps to extract data from dead IDE hard drive:

Remember This!!

  • Do not save recovered files to same IDE hard drive from which files were recovered
  • Recurrently backup all essential files from IDE hard drive on external storage devices
  • Avoid mishandling of IDE hard drive while working in computers

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