How to Recover Lost Data from Corrupted MBR?

Master Boot Record, in short called as MBR, is used to identify the location of an operating system, and is loaded to a computer's primary memory for a seamless booting process. So, for any system, Master Boot Record is very essential for the normal operation of the system. If this MBR is corrupted, then it directly affects it's booting, which inturn makes your data inaccessible. So, to recover hard drive data after MBR corruption, we come out with an effective solution with Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. To know how, keep reading further..!

Usually MBR corruption occurs when multiple operating systems are running on a single system and you may face many error notifications like “Operating system not found” when you start your computer. The most possible reason behind MBR corruption is boot sector viruses like Stone Empire Monkey virus. These viruses severely damage or remove MBR, which makes hard drive inaccessible and prevent computer from booting up. Sudden system reboot because of unexpected power surges or improper system shutdown and other facts are accountable for the corruption of MBR or boot sector.

However Microsoft provides an application called “Bootrec.exe” which helps you to recreate and repair Master Boot Record. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the utility

This tool fixes your MBR and you’ll regain access to your computer hard disk. And in case if this tool fails, then you can opt for robust and commercial data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to extract all your data back.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to Recover Data from Hard Drive after MBR Corruption:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is professional tool suggested by experts to recover lost or inaccessible data from hard disk after MBR corruption. By using this tool, you can perform data recovery from hard drive after file system corruption, partition table damage, OS malfunction, hard drive crash, etc. Retrieving data from lost, deleted, formatted, reformatted, corrupted and inaccessible partitions on Windows hard drive is possible with the aid of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. This tool works compatibly on all latest versions of Windows operating systems. Moreover, it helps you to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors and supports other storage media on Windows OS.

Steps to Recover Hard Drive Data after MBR Corruption:

Suggested Tips

  • Use latest antivirus program to avoid MBR corruption due to boot sector viruses
  • Utilize UPS to avoid MBR corruption due to power failure or abrupt system shutdown
  • It is suggested to take regular backups of your important data to avoid data loss

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