Retrieve Data from Damaged USB Stick

“I rely on my USB Stick on daily basis and this morning my USB stick dint allowed me to access its contents. Whenever I tried to access USB Stick, it was showing an error message like “E:\is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or damaged” on Windows system. The USB Stick is only source for backup for my important data. How to recover data from damaged USB Stick? Please help me!!”

All the data from the USB Stick will be lost after encountering the above scenario, USB Stick might get damaged due to harmful virus attacks, file system corruption, improper handling, over usages of the USB drives, overfilling of the data and other reasons. However, the hope is you can still bring back data from damaged USB using following steps:

Now the Chkdsk command checks the drive. You can continue by hitting Y to proceed further. After sometime, you will see the files and folders of your damaged USB Stick. However, the process might fail to restore complete files and folders of USB stick. In some scenarios due to severity of files system corruption in USB drive, chkdsk command might not work on the drive. In such scenarios efficient data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery can provide great assistant in recovering data from damaged USB Stick.

Damaged USB Stick data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is accurate data recovery software to perform USB Stick data recovery on Windows systems. The application recovers data such as Microsoft Office files, media files and others documents from damaged or corrupted USB Stick. You can even get back deleted, lost or formatted data from USB Stick. Apart from restoring data from USB Stick, the program also helps you in rescuing data from other storage devices such as memory cards (SD card, CF card, XD card, etc), hard disks, iPods, portable hard drives, Firmware drives and many other devices. This software works well with various versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to bring back data from damaged USB Stick:

Protective Steps:

  • Do not eject USB Stick abruptly when it is in use on system
  • Do not save any new data on your USB Stick after losing data from it
  • Try to maintain backup of your essential data of USB Stick onto some other storage devices

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