Solve MS Word Problems with Large Documents

“Hi, I received a large Word document over email and downloaded it to open. But as I tried to open the file, Word used to freeze and stop responding till I restarted the system. I downloaded the file again and even it didn’t show up. How can I fix this issue with my Word file now? Please help.”

Computer users are aware of Microsoft Word, a wonderful word processing application to produce documents. Its user-friendly interface facilitates users to easily create Word files containing various OLE objects like clip art, tables, charts, images, etc. Word files with .doc / .docx file extension can be opened in appropriate Word application on any system. But many times, large Word files get corrupt and become unreadable.

Here are few countable scenarios in which large Word documents can get damaged

  • Trying to open Word files in incompatible MS Word versions can damage the document due to compatibility
  • Large Word document can get corrupt after frequent round-tripping i.e. changing this file to other file format and back to Word file format again
  • Downloaded large documents are very prone to malware and internet threats over network and hence can become unreadable
  • Malfunctioning of Word application system due to incorrect installation, update or migration processes will result in corruption of large documents being opened in it
  • Adding infected objects like video clippings, images from internet to a large Word document are likely to create problems by corrupting the file
  • Interruptions while transferring large Word files from one storage device to other or errors while downloading file can even induce corruption to the document

In all the above mentioned scenarios users might lose access to crucial Word documents. But not anymore as there are possible ways to fix Word documents that refuse to open or show variant error messages. Yodot DOC Repair is one such utility to successfully fix Microsoft Word problems with large documents on Windows computers.

Key attributes of large Word file problem fixing tool

As Yodot DOC Repair is built my many advanced data recovery professionals, it can be counted for one of the productive software to be used. This software can easily fix Word document that fails to open up in MS Word by showing errors like cannot complete the save due to file permission error, disk full error, not available error, file could not be found and many others. Apart from these errors, the tool can also fix Microsoft Word encoding error after incomplete download / transfer process. This tool is capable of repairing DOC or DOCX files created on MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. This utility can be employed on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems to resolve problems with Microsoft Word documents.

Necessary steps to mend problematic large Word file

  • Download the software on to your Windows PC in which non opening problematic Word file is saved
  • Install the software according to given instructions and run it
  • In main screen, click on BROWSE button to select the large Word file that needs to be repaired
  • After selecting, click on REPAIR button to enhance repair process
  • Software securely scans the chosen file to fix issues within little span on time
  • When scanning finishes, click on Preview button to view fixed Word file in detail
  • At last, save this repaired Word document to a new destination location on system drive or on other external storage drive

Suggestions to be noted

  • Do not add suspicious content to very large Word file as it might corrupt the document
  • Before processing any important large document, it is safe to create a backup copy of that file
  • Make use of eminent antivirus tool on your system to evade harmful viruses