Data Retrieval from McAfee Encrypted Hard Drive

“Hi all, my McAfee encrypted hard drive stopped working all of a sudden. I am unable to access data saved in it now. I had lots of confidential data in PC and I do not have another copy of it. Please suggest me a way to recover data from McAfee encrypted hard drive. Thanks in advance...”

You might have encountered situations like above or other as given above in the page while using McAfee encrypted hard drive. It is very strange fact that you never realize where you went wrong until data is lost. You might have thought that you will not lose data if you encrypt hard drive and chosen McAfee program to encrypt data. Encryption of hard drive gives you data security from any unknown or unauthorized users. McAfee encryption for your hard drive gives you lots of fine features including password protection for PC hard drive. It protects data theft from hard drive by any means; but sometimes data may get lost or deleted from MacAfee encrypted hard drive in following cases:

Whatever may be the scenario in which data gets lost from McAfee hard disk; you can get it back from your Windows system using effective hard drive recovery software.

McAfee encrypted hdd recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one such software that can successfully retrieve data missing or erased from McAfee encrypted hard drive. This utility is capable of restoring data different file types like Microsoft Office documents, photos, movie files, audio files, compressed files, application files, PDF files, screenshots, etc from McAfee encrypted hard drive. In addition to MacAfee, this hard disk recovery tool can retrieve data from Sophos encrypted hard drive or from hard drive encrypted with other applications. It can recognize almost all file formats on MacAfee encrypted hard drive after deletion or loss of data after formatting, corruption, crash and other logical failure of hard drive. Additionally, you can even fix Windows error 0x80071ac3 and get back data from encrypted hard drive of desktop or laptop installed with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Detailed steps to recover data from McAfee encrypted hard drive:

Tips Suggested:

  • Backup important files from McAfee encrypted hard drive onto any external storage media
  • Stop using McAfee encrypted hard drive to avoid data being overwritten by new files and use apt data recovery software to regain lost or deleted from it

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