How to Resolve Windows Error 0x80071ac3?

“Hi, I was copying few files to external drive (2TB size) from my computer. Copy process was in progress, but it failed all of a sudden. I tried to check the drive for copied files, but couldn’t access it. So I detached it and reconnected. Then I got an error message stated that Volume is dirty 0x80071AC3. What is this error mean? How to fix it? I never mind for the files that I was trying to copy; since they are at my computer. I just want to bring my external drive into working state as it contains plenty of my vital data. (It is my backup drive!). So, please help me”.

When and why the error 0x80071AC3 crops up?

Generally you may face the error 0x80071AC3 when you try to access external storage devices like portable hard drive, SD card, USB drive etc on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista operated systems.

Issues in system, conflictions due to ReadyBoost functionality, deficient or faulty/outdated device drivers, system errors, bad sectors on externally connected device can give rise to this error.

How to fix the error 0x80071AC3?

There exist numerous causes for the error 0x80071AC3. Thus, it can be fixed by implementing several techniques. So, give a try for each method described below and see the issue is resolved.

1. Utilize CHKDSK

Employ CHKDSK since it can fix system errors and bad sectors on storage device.

  • Right click on device that screening error 0x80071AC3
  • Go to Properties
  • Choose Tools and hit Check option
  • Click on Scan Drive button in next pop-up

2. Stop ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a Disk Cache provided in Windows (Vista and above versions). It facilitates external devices to use like write cache, among hard drive and RAM to boost system performance. If the above error is developed due to conflictions with ReadyBoost then disabling it can solve the error.

  • Go to Properties of your error showing drive
  • Click on ReadyBoost
  • Opt Do not use this device option
  • Acknowledge modification

3. Resolve driver issues

Go to Device Manager and confirm your system has no outdated or faulty drivers. Uninstall driver software once and reinstall them.

4. Check Writing to Drive from Registry option

  • Together press Windows and R keys
  • Type RegEdit and hit OK
  • Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicie in newly opened window
  • Double click on WriteProtect
  • Ensure, String Value is 0 in next generated window
  • If it is 1, set it for 0
  • Save changes and quit registry editor

5. Command prompt

Bad clusters on aged/faulty external devices can be fixed via command prompt.

  • Type chkdsk x: /B from Command prompt
  • Hit Enter key

6. Check security privileges

  • Go to Properties of your erroneous drive
  • Select Folder Properties and hit Security
  • Opt Edit and select Allow check-box for Full control option
  • Save changes

If nothing works then you have to format your external drive. But don't forget to backup entire data from the drive using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery, before formatting it.

Yodot to recover files from drive after 0x80071AC3 error:

The best way to restore files from inaccessible external device while experiencing 0x80071AC3 error is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. The tool effectively scans your erroneous drive and fetches all files present on it, without affecting the drives configuration as well data residing in it. Not just inaccessible drive, you can restore your lost, inaccessible or deleted files irrespective of situations where data loss or deletion has occurred. The program aids in retrieving files from various storage spaces like media card, system drive, portable disk, USB and more. Data restoration can be accomplished regardless of Windows OS that your system is running with. The most supportive technical team assists you in resolving queries about data recovery and easy to use interface of the tool helps you to achieve effortless restoration of files.

Steps to recover data from 0x80071AC3 error showing drive:

  • Install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on working computer
  • Connect 0x80071AC3 error screening external device
  • Go for Partition Recovery selection
  • Select externally attached device and its all partitions
  • Click on Skip button
  • Go through File Type View or Data View
  • Mark your essential files
  • Save them on system internal drive

How to avoid 0x80071AC3 error in future?

  • Update your system drivers regularly
  • Often replace defective mechanical elements of system
  • Protect your drive as well computer from excess heat

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