Repair Error CHKDSK Is Not Available For Raw Drives Without Losing Your Data

Written by Lucy John on May 02, 2023

General problems with desktop/laptop are sudden appearance of errors. Properly functioning system or connected peripheral devices may start to trouble you unexpectedly as mentioned in below instant.

“My SD card started to show memory card error in camera. So I connected it to laptop via card reader and ran CHKDSK. But I am getting another error that states, “The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives”. I have saved lot of important photos and other files on the card. But I am unable to access the card right now and it is making me to lose sleep. Is there any way using which I can restore card’s file system and recover my data?”

When volume of SD card, USB, hard disk, portable drive etc. is damaged then the volume loses its file system which in turn give rise to errors like: the disk drive is not formatted, volume doesn’t contain recognized file system, drive is corrupted and not accessible, memory card error etc. So definitely you will try to fix those issues using CHKDSK. At those times you may face CHKDSK is not available for raw drives error.

Why CHKDSK Tells It Is Not Available for RAW Drives?

CHKDSK (Check Disk) looks for logical integrity of File System on the device where you are running it. If it meets any logical inconsistencies in verifying File System, then it tries to fix it. At that time, if volume/File System information is unavailable/RAW then CHKDSK screens error CHKDSK is not available on raw drives.

What is RAW drive and When a Volume Becomes RAW?

A RAW drive or File System generally indicates that the File System or drive is not recognized by Windows. And, a drive may turn to RAW when its File System is damaged or corrupted due to

What Should Be Your Next Approach Now?

First see whether you can extract your important files stored on the device. If you can successfully copy your data from error showing drive, then make sure that your files are saved to another drive safely. If it is not possible to extract files from RAW drive manually, then use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to restore data from it.

Step by Step Guide to Restore Data using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Tool-

Step 1: Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on working Windows system

Step 2: Attach the device that is showing CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives error

Step 3: Choose Partition Recovery after launching the tool


Step 4: Pick connected device and its partitions

Step 5: Click on Skip or Mark All button

Step 6: Select your required files in File Type View or Data View


Step 7: Save recovered files on another drive

Once you get back your files, you can proceed to fix the drive without any worry.

Steps to Fix CHKDSK Not Available for RAW Drives Error:

1. Run AV tool on your device and remove all found malwares

2. Try to run CHKDSK by typing CHKDSK x: /r instead of CHKDSK x: /f

3. Run CHKDSK from My Computer instead of running it from Command prompt

If CHKDSK fails to fix the error, then reformat the RAW drive using Disk Management to set up the new file system.

Why Yodot to recover files from RAW drive?

When any storage device becomes RAW, its file system cannot be identified by Windows computer, camera etc. But Yodot is capable of scanning that RAW drive efficiently and recovers your data safely. The software is the best way to restore your missing or lost partition along with its data from disk that turned RAW due to any reason. This reliable tool helps you in copying files from RAW hard drive, external drive, USB, memory card, XD card, SD card and many more storage spaces. The utility can accomplish restoration of all files that are deleted or missing from your storage media. It supports retrieval of various file types like music, RAW pictures, images, videos, movies, PDF documents, Office files - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Achieves- ZIP, RAR and so on from several storage devices.


  • Always use Safe to Remove option to eject portable devices from system
  • Frequently scan your drive (internal as well as external) using effective AV tool

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