How Do I Get External Drive Data When It Detected as Local Drive on Your PC?

My 2TB external drive shows up as local disk when connected to my system. I am really worried about this because my external drive was almost filled up with data, only 50 to 60GB free space is there. But all of a sudden it shows 1500GB free space as well as instead of ‘device name’ it is detecting as Local Disk (F:). Why does this issue arise with an external drive? Is there any way to resolve this difficulty? Moreover, I need to recover all vital data from my external drive, is there any possibility. Thank you so much in advance for your valuable time.

Follow this simple solution to access your external drive as removable media:

Very first unplug your external drive then go to Device Manager then click on View > show hidden devices.

In Disk drives hierarchy, right click on the name of your external hard drive and select uninstall. Then go to Universal Serial Bus controllers hierarchy and look for USB Mass Storage device, right click and uninstall it.

At last, restart the Windows; try reconnecting your external device then Windows will start installing necessary drivers for external storage device.

Still if you fail to find your external drive as removable storage media then do not worry. You can utilize Yodot data recovery tool to retrieve files from external hard drive. Below steps will help you understand how to use the application to get back your data without any complication.

Recover data from external drive using Yodot Hard Drive recovery utility:

Note: Connect your portable hard drive to healthy Windows computer then follow below steps

Step 1 Run Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your PC

Step 2 Click on “Partition Recovery” option button, it will automatically navigate to next window

Step 3 Click on external drive from list of available drives and click on “Next” button to continue to further step

Step 4 Select file types which you want to recover and click “Next” button to commence scan

Step 5 After scan, you can sort restored files in two different views, either in “Data View” or “File Type View”

Step 6 At the end, save retrieved data in desired destination

After recovering data format your external drive so that you can use your drive for further read and write operations.

Why your external drive shows up as local disk?

When you forcefully plug out the external drive without clicking on 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon will cause damage to your portable drive. Because of that sometimes Windows cannot recognize the connected drive or else it will show it as a local disk.

Know important features of Yodot utility:

As you learnt, this tool will help you to get back data from external drive which is showing up as local disk. Also it ensures retrieval of data even when external HDD not detected on your PC or else your external drive got damaged, formatted, reformatted etc. It facilitates restoration of files with simple steps along with instructions so that you can easily utilize this program without any difficulty. This application supports various types of external hard drives such as Seagate, WD, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Transcend and many more. It will facilitate 100% safe recovery on various Windows OS versions such as Win 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008.

Prevent external drive with corruption or any sorts of issues:

  • It is highly recommended not to abruptly pull out your external hard drive when it is in use

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