How to Retrieve Deleted Files from External Hard Drive?

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

The instructions on this page explains you how to recover deleted files from external hard drive, SSD, USB drives and more with Yodot free data recovery software. Whenever you lose your valuable files from external hard drive after accidental deletion, corruption of the drive, and formatting the external hard drive, Yodot Recovery Software comes Handy to get back your files. Continue reading to know the data loss scenarios from external hard drive and instructions to perform external hard drive data recovery using this software.

What happens when you delete files from external hard drive?

When the files are deleted or lost from an external hard drive, they are not moved to the Recycle Bin or Trash folder. Instead, they get deleted from the external hard drive permanently. This doesn't mean that the files are lost permanently. Just the memory space occupied by those files are freed up for the new files, and they can be recovered back easily untill the deleted or lost files are not overwritten with new files.

So, if you have encountered data loss from your external hard drive, immediately stop using it in order to avoid overwriting on the deleted/lost files. If you overwrite new files on the deleted/lost files memory, then it's highly difficult to recover data from external hard drive. Then, immediately make use of a reliable and trusted data recovery tool such as Yodot to retrieve deleted files from external hard drive, and even missing files for that matter.

Yodot Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive

Yodot File Recovery is a free file recovery program available to recover data from external hard drive and all other storage media. This data recovery tool guides you throughout the recovery process that makes external hard drive data recovery easier. The software completely works on read-only mode, so that it recovers all your files safely and securely with the same file name, and extensions without altering the original files.

Yodot File Recovery Software supports recovery of over 300 file types including documents, photos, videos, music files, etc. In addition to external hard drives, the tool also recovers data from computer's internal hard drive, memory cards, flash drives, and other USB storage devices on both Windows and Mac, as the tool is designed for Windows and Mac editions separately.

Supported devices: Supports portable HDD recovery from all types and brands of devices including Apple external drive, WD, Seagate, Transcend, Toshiba, Imation, Sony, Maxtor, Verbatim, HP, Adata, Buffalo, LaCie, LG, Dell, Slave, Lenovo, Porsche, Samsung, Fujitsu, Iomega, Kingston, Maxwell, amd more. Supports USB 3.0, wireless, SSD, and all other kinds.

Instructions to Retrieve Deleted Files from External Hard Disk Drive:

Download, and install the free trial edition of Yodot File Recovery Software on your system. Then, connect your external hard disk to the system and follow these instructions to recover your data -

Causes for the deletion of files from external hard drive:

Useful Tips

  • Avoid using your external hard drive to store new data after data loss mishap
  • Never eject your portable hard disk device during file copying or transferring process
  • Backup your important files before formatting, re-installing OS, file system conversion or other operations
  • The software allows you to compress retrieved files before saving to desired storage location

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