How To Recover Deleted Files From E Drive?

Wondering how to recover deleted files from your E drive? Then you have landed on the right article; here, we will discuss all the possible ways to easily recover your files from E drive.

Written by Lucy John on May 18, 2023

“Hi, I had connected an external hard drive to my computer detected as an E drive. I had to transfer a few files onto E drive, but there was not enough free space on it compared to the size of the files I had to save. So, I deleted a few files from the E drive. After deletion, I realized I did not have other copies of deleted files. I deleted the copy which was there on my computer hard drive a few days back. What can I do now to get back those files from E drive? Please help me with a solution. Thanks in advance...”

Above may be the situation with you while using your E drive. External hard drives, when connected to a PC, take drive letters as “E”. When data is deleted from the E drive, you will not find them in Recycle Bin as they are external drives, and files deleted from only internal drives will be stored in the bin. If deleted files contain any important information then you will lose them. But do not lose hope, as there is a way to recover them. You can recover deleted files from E drive using deleted file restoration software.

What are the Major Reason for Losing Files from E Drive?

You may delete files from E drive in various scenarios. Some are given below.

Above mentioned are the most common cases when files are deleted from E drive. If you come across any situations like above then you can use Yodot File Recovery software to get restore deleted files from E drive on your Windows computer.

How to Recover Deleted Files on E Drive?

Here are the effective methods for recovering deleted files from the C drive. Here are a few reliable techniques that have been tried and tested:

Method 1: How to Recover Deleted Files From e-drive Using Recycle Bin

If you haven't emptied the Recycle Bin after deleting files from the C drive, there's a possibility you can find them there. To recover deleted files from the C drive's Recycle Bin, follow these simple steps:

Method 2: How To Recover Files From C Drive Using Command Prompt

CMD Prompt is a text-based tool on your computer that lets you give commands to perform tasks. It helps with tasks like navigating folders, running programs, and executing system commands.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Files from E-Drive Using the Previous Version

To recover files that were deleted from the e-drive using the Previous Version feature, follow the below-mentioned steps:

For assured outcomes, it is recommended to utilize file recovery software to retrieve all the deleted files from the e-drive.

Above mentioned are the most common cases when files are deleted from E drive. If you come across any situations like the above then you can use Yodot File Recovery software to get restore deleted files from E drive on your Windows computer.

How To Recover Lost Or Deleted Files From E Drive Using Yodot File Recovery Tool?

File Recovery tool helps you to retrieve deleted files from E drive on your computer. It has a simple interface and has the capability to get back data from external hard drives formatted for different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, and FAT. You can scan for all file types saved on the external hard drive as the tool supports recovering different file types like Word files, PDFs, excel sheets, photos, videos, audio, etc. It not only supports deleted file restoration but also lost data retrieval from different Windows OS like Windows 11, 10, and previous versions.

Steps To Retrieve Deleted Files From E Drive:

According to iT4NEXTGEN: Yodot file recovery is one of the fastest and safe software.

"Yodot file recovery software has been thoroughly tested and is secure for use. As a result, this does not affect almost any files that have been retrieved or are presently on your PC. With great reviews from many customers, there is no doubt that you can trust the services and functions of this application."


Source: Yodot reviews

Tips To Avoid Losing Files From E Drive:

  • Do not use external hard drives on computers that do not have a compatible file system.
  • Keep E drive free from viruses by scanning it using anti-virus software regularly.
  • Prefer saving important files in Google Drive Or Cloud storage.


Losing files from the E drive can make you feel sad, but don't worry, you can still get them back. Follow the steps in this article to increase your chances of recovering the deleted files. Remember to act quickly, be careful not to overwrite anything, and consider getting help from experts if you need it.

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