How To Recover Deleted Downloaded Files or Downloads Folder On Windows?

Accidentally deleted the downloads folder on Windows 10/11? Wondering where Why is your downloads folder missing? Look no further; we've got all the answers here in this article. With Yodot File Recovery software, you can surely recover lost or deleted downloads folder with just a few clicks.

Written by Lucy John / Updated on 20 February, 2024

Losing your downloaded files or an entire Downloads folder can be frustrating. As someone who has faced this situation, I understand the panic and concern that arises when valuable files from the Downloads folder get deleted or just vanish. However, through the journey of recovering deleted downloaded files and the Downloads folder, we will discover effective methods and tools that can help others in similar predicaments.

This article's primary goal is to provide a solution to the problems that users face with missing / lost / deleted downloads folder. Some of the scenarios listed below came up while surfing the internet:

  • Scenario 1:
  • "I accidentally deleted my downloads folder on my Windows 10. Do deleted files from the Downloads folder have the potential to be recovered? What should I do? How do I retrieve deleted download folders? The files erased from my download folder contained valuable information. I cannot lose them forever! Please help me. Thank you in advance.”

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  • Scenario 2:
  • “Just deleted my entire downloads folder and none of it is in my recycling bin, anyway I can get all the files back?”


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  • Scenario 3:
  • “How can I recover files from a downloads folder deleted by disk cleanup?”


    Source: Quora

Table Of Content:

Most of us habitually save files in the Downloads folder, which can cause serious problems later. A download folder is the default location where all the files downloaded from the internet are saved in every Windows operating system. This space is usually occupied by the folder in the C drive (unless you have changed its location), and the user can access it when desired. However, due to some uncertainties, data in the download folder can get deleted, causing massive data loss.

If you accidentally or intentionally deleted the downloads folder, it can be restored with the help of the solutions below. Follow them to recover lost or deleted downloads.

How To Recover Deleted Download Files From Downloads Folder?

There are various ways to undelete the downloads folder and recover deleted downloads folder without causing any damage. Here are a few tried and tested solutions:

Method 1: Locate Your Disappeared/Deleted Downloads Folder

Downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder regardless of your browser, or you might have changed the folder's location to save downloads. If you cannot find your download folder, you can follow the steps below to get your files back from the download folder.

Note: This solution works if your files are automatically saved in a different location. If it doesn’t restore the downloads, you can try the following methods to recover deleted download files from the downloads folder..

Method 2: Check Recycle BIn For Deleted Downloads

Deleted downloads can usually be easily recovered unless they were permanently deleted or emptied from the recycle bin. Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover deleted downloads using the Recycle Bin.

Once you have restored the download file, it will be put back in the original location, where it was before being deleted.

Method 3: Try Searching Your Deleted Downloads in Temporary Files

Windows automatically creates a folder to store and index temporary files that hold different kinds of files, including downloads. This allows you to find the deleted files for a limited period of time, even after they have been deleted.

Here’s how you can recover files from the temp folder:

Method 4: Retrieve Files Deleted From Downloads Folder Using Backup

Follow these steps to restore a file from a backup: before starting, make sure the media or the drive on which your backup is saved is available.

Method 5: Restoring Downloaded Files Using the Previous Version

Follow the below-mentioned steps to restore Downloads folder to a previous state.

Method 6: Recover Lost/Deleted Downloads That Have Been Sent to Windows Defender Quarantine

“Windows Defender” is an inbuilt defense system set to work automatically so that every suspicious file and data is automatically quarantined.

Note: Your files can be recovered from quarantine if you are absolutely sure they are not harmful.

Follow the below steps to restore downloads that are quarantined:

Method 7: Recover Deleted Files From Downloads Folder Using the Yodot File Recovery Tool

Yodot File Recovery tool is considered to be one of the most reliable software that can recover deleted files from the download folder. With the use of an advanced list of options, deleted file recovery can be carried out from the download folder without any issues. This tool also enables users to recover deleted or lost files from other folders on the PC hard drive, such as my documents, Recycle Bin, and other folders.

In order to recover deleted files from a download folder, all you have to do is download and install the software and follow the simple steps.

Steps to recover deleted files from the download folder:

How to make Changes to Downloads in Windows?

The Windows operating system stores the downloads folder in C drive by default. If you want to change where the files are saved after download, you can do it in two ways: by changing your download files to a specific location in Windows or if you want to save your downloads within the web browser, you can by following the below-mentioned steps. ( It allows you to change where files are downloaded to, and it allows you to decide where you want to save all your downloads within your web browser.)

Now, Let us see how to change web browser settings for where downloads go on Windows.

How to Change the Download Location Within the Browser?

Follow the steps below to change the downloads location from within the browser.

How to Change the Location of Where Downloads Go in Windows?

Changing the location of your downloads folder helps you keep your files organized and can save those files from losing in the future as you will have a track of where the files are getting saved. If you want to change your downloads folder location within Windows, follow the steps which are mentioned below.

Note: At any point in time, if you want to get back to the default location, you can follow the above steps to return to this screen and click on the Restore Default option.

Tips to Avoid Losing Files from Downloads Folder:

  • Check twice before deleting the files from downloads or any other folder on the computer.
  • Avoid saving recovered files on the exact destination location from where they were restored.
  • Backup essential files of the computer to any separate storage media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Deleted Downloads gone forever?

Just because you are not able to see the files in the directory or the recycle bin, it does not mean that the files are not accessible. If a file gets deleted from your device/system, Windows will mark it as free space by removing only its pointers. As your data will still be present on your disk, until the space gets replaced by some other data.

How to Recover Deleted Files from the Downloads Folder Mac?

The best and most reliable way to recover deleted files from the Downloads folder Mac is to use the Yodot Mac File Recovery software.

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