How to Recover Data When Hard Drive Is Detected But Not Accessible?

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

“I was in dilemma when I got to know that my internal hard drive on the system is detected in BIOS but not accessible. Actually, everything was going fine till yesterday, except for some pop-up error messages. I neglected to know details about those errors as I am always busy with my work. But, today my system is showing a Blue Screen of Death error. It is the only warning I have taken seriously!! Now my PC’s internal HDD is mounted but data stored in it became inaccessible!! How to recover data after the internal hard drive is detected but not accessible on Windows system?”

This kind of scenario makes users worry about the huge amount of data stored in the system's internal hard drive. Generally, some of the users may not be aware of fixing this type of issue and few users may show carelessness to back up essential files; therefore when they find the system's internal hard drive is detected but not accessible it will become annoying situation.

Why is My Internal Hard Drive Detected But Not Accessible?

Here are a few reasons behind inaccessible internal hard drive:

One can overcome data loss difficulties that happened to any of the reasons listed above, by using appropriate data retrieval software. You can go for reliable and robust Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to recover data when the internal hard drive is detected but not accessible on a Windows computer.

How Do I Fix An Internal/External Hard Drive Detected But Not Accessible?

There are various ways in which you can fix the drive detected but not accessible or partition on hard drive not accessible issue. Follow the below-mentioned easy methods to fix this issue:

Method 1: Taking the Ownership of the Inaccessible Hard Drive On Your PC

Sometimes drive is not accessible error message may indicate that you need to adjust the owner status in Windows. Here’s what you need to do to fix this complex issue with simple steps:

Note: Using this method you can also fix the missing security tab on a new hard drive.

Method 2: Fix Drive is Not Accessible Through Device Manager

Using this method, you can check if Windows isn’t able to read this inaccessible drive due to faulty connections.

If you have failed to fix the ‘Drive is Not Accessible‘ issue then the disk location might not available due to some internal disk errors.

Method 3: Fix hard disk detected but not showing using check now option

Follow the below steps to fix hard disk detected but not showing

If you are not able to access it on your windows, try the next solution.

Method 4: Start Your PC in Safe Mode to Access Your Hard Drive

Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, which would stop unnecessary programs to launch. So, you can try to access your hard drive in Safe mode.

Then try to open your inaccessible hard drive again.

Method 5: Fix the 'Drive is Not Accessible' Issue Using CHKDSK

If the "drive is not accessible" issue appears, it's likely to be caused by a file system error, data corruption, or bad sectors. In this case, you will need to run the CHKDSK tool in Windows, which help in resolving various issue including drive in not accessible and access denied issues.

Method 6: Change Drive Letter to Fix the Partition on Hard Drive Not Accessible Issue

Try to change the drive letter to fix partition on hard drive not accessible issue by following the below-mentioned steps:

In case you still experience the error even after trying all of the above solutions, you may want to consider using the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. This tool can efficiently recover data when an internal hard drive is detected but not accessible on the Windows system.

How To Recover Data From Hard Drive Not Accessible Using Yodot Data Recovery software?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software can help in recovering data from the hard drive is not accessible issue with ease. This software uses advanced algorithms to recover data from partition on hard drive not accessible with only a few clicks. Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software for free.

Note: Using this software, you can also recover data from a hard drive that won’t boot due to various corruption issues.

Steps to recover data after internal hard drive gets detected but not accessible:

Advices to Follow:

  • Try to maintain your system bug free by using quality anti-virus software.
  • Take care before connecting any removable storage device like external hard drives, pen drives, etc on your PC.
  • Don’t use your system for longer times inorder to avoid formation of bad sectors.

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