How to Restore Deleted Windows.old Folder?

“Last week I upgraded my computer from Windows vista to Windows 7 ultimate. Also I am happy with new version. The problem is I haven’t backup any data before upgrading and I am really in need of few files. I heard from someone that, there will be a folder called Windows.old; you can retrieve files from that folder. But I forgot to do it immediately. Later, by mistake I deleted that folder using Disk Cleanup. I have no idea about Windows.old folder, so does anyone tell me what it is and how to recover deleted Windows.old folder? As it is the only way for me to get back my files... Thanks in advance!”

When you upgrade from one version of Windows OS to another, Windows.old folder will be created. It holds entire data of your previous Windows OS. So it is like an extra layer of protection when you reinstall Windows. You can utilize this folder to revisit system to old version of Windows when you don’t like new version. Even you can find particular files which you haven’t backup while upgrading in Windows.old folder. Once you have set up all the user accounts after OS reinstallation, you can move your library folders (Documents, Photos, Music, and so on) from C:\Windows.old\Users to their respective folders in C:\Users. That’s the easy way to restore data from previous version of OS. After that, you may save the Windows.old folder for further usage.

The new version of Windows automatically removes the Windows.old folder to liberate space after 28 days. There is no problem if you wish to get rid of this Windows.old file manually; If you are happy with your new Windows system and you are confident that you have all your vital files and no longer in need to fetch them from Windows.old folder — then you can erase it using Disk Cleanup.

As stated in above scenario, what if you have deleted Windows.old folder accidentally, before restoring data from it? Or you forgot to fetch data from it even after 28 days, then it deleted automatically by Windows; without giving you any intimation? This is highly complicated situation to handle. You can never get back Windows.old folder once it’s deleted. As there is no such option provided by Microsoft to restore deleted Windows.old directory!

Still, no worries! As every problem has a solution, there is also a way to recover deleted Windows.old files. You just need to utilize Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to smoothly get back Windows.old directory.

Windows.old File Recovery:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application is especially designed to restore deleted, lost and even formatted data from hard drive on Windows computer. It has advanced mechanism which easily restores your deleted Windows.old file. Using this tool, you can effortlessly recover files and folders deleted in Windows from healthy as well as inaccessible or non-booting SCSI, SATA, SAS or any other popular hard drive interface. It has the ability to locate lost FAT or NTFS partitions after partitioning the drive multiple times. This brilliant software does not intact your original data; also prevent you from saving restored information on the drive/partition from where it is retrieved. This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, server 2003 and server 2008. This robust utility can scan your whole hard disk bit by bit to regain all your lost or deleted data and it also aids to compress recovered data in ZIP archive to save disk space. With the assistance of this tool you can also learn how to recover deleted partition and data in Windows 7 easily.

Instructions to Recover Deleted Windows.old Files:


  • Copy Windows.old file to an external hard drive or burn it to DVD, immediately after upgrading OS
  • Maintain proper backup of your vital files and folders
  • Take good care of your data while upgrading or installing/reinstalling OS

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