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“I connected my portable external device to Lenovo Ultrabook to get few official files from my Lenovo Ultrabook. After connecting, I selected 'Cut and Paste' option. Suddenly my Lenovo Ultrabook turned off due to unknown reason, after restarting, when I opened my Lenovo Ultrabook; the files which were supposed to get transferred to my external device are missing from it. Is there any solution to bring back lost files from Lenovo Ultrabook on Windows desktop? Awaiting for your answer…”

Ultrabooks are most popular for its convertible computer design and Lenovo Ultrabook is one such brand of laptop computers owned by IBM. It is embedded with advanced processor, latest audio technology, attractive graphical interface, high data access rate etc. However, many users come across same problem as mentioned above. Irrespective of powerful features, none of the Ultrabook users are free from loss of data, due to some logical error or human mistake that often occurs.

Reasons that tends to loss or deletion of files from Lenovo Ultrabook:

Apart from above mentioned reasons, there are many other issues that cause data loss from Lenovo Ultrabook . But no need to panic!! These issues are not permanent because only the index info is removed from file table when any file gets lost or deleted from Lenovo ultrabook. So the data still remain in same place where it was stored. It is quite easy to recover all files from Lenovo Ultrabook by downloading and installing a good recovery software.

Lenovo Ultrabook recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is amazing tool to retrieve lost or deleted files from Lenovo Ultrabook hard drive. It can retrieve documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, program files, compressed files, folders, and all other users data with utmost ease. Apart from Lenovo Ultrabook recovery, this tool restores files from other brands like Acer, HP, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung, Dell and many more. It has simple graphical user interface to help beginner to achieve 100% data recovery. You can also retrieve files from memory sticks, USB flash drives, external and internal hard drives, FireWire drives, SSD drives and other storage media. Lenovo Ultrabook laptop hard disk data recovery is compatible on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 operating system.

Steps to recover data from Lenovo Ultrabook:

Points to be Noted:

  • Do not add any data on your Lenovo Ultrabook once you have lost any data from it
  • Make your vital files as read only
  • Take back up of important files regularly

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