How to Restore Data from Locked Laptop Hard Drive?

“I store data related to work on my personal laptop; there is built in utility on my laptop that will help me to lock hard drive with password, so I have utilized it to lock my laptop. However, today morning while working with my laptop, it suddenly froze and displayed blue screen error. I waited for long time to disappear blue screen, but blue screen was still displaying over the monitor; to get rid of it, I decided to shut down laptop forcefully. After sometime when I restarted my laptop; for my shock, it did not respond. What can I do now? I can repair my laptop to make it workable but what about data stored in it? Any suggestions regarding this would be appreciated.”

Few laptops facilitate manual way to lock hard drive with a password, which is beneficial when you want to store confidential data upon it. Although it is a best way to safeguard your files, it cannot protect your laptop from data loss incidents that can take place at any time as explained in above situation. But your files will remain safe on laptop hdd and you can restore them easily by using trustworthy laptop hard drive recovery software on Windows laptop.

Most probable causes for losing files and folders from locked laptop are:

As locked laptop contains confidential files, you are suggested to keep another copy of them into an external hard drive. But most of the users do not follow proper method to safeguard their valuable data and lose it due to several unexpected reasons. Though you don’t have access to view your files present in locked laptop, you can make it visible by recovering them with the aid of laptop data recovery software.

Locked laptop hard disk drive recovery software:

For successful recovery of files from locked laptop hard drive, many professional and home users prefer Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. It is a complete package to restore every file and folder lost or erased from locked hard drive whether they are documents, applications, set up files, photos, videos, music files and so on. The simple wizard in this tool will not let you face any difficulties and smoothly restores your files without causing any damage. Along with this, it will facilitate extra feature which will allow you to add file types that you want to retrieve and cannot find it on the list of recoverable files. More to this, you can view media files like pictures, videos and songs recovered from locked laptop. Make use of this tool to recover data from Toshiba Satellite, Lenovo, Fujistu, HP Pavilion, Acer, Dell and many other laptop models and brands which you have locked by assigning password. Consider downloading trial version of this laptop data recovery utility to check its features as well as its working.

Note: As it is necessary to enter correct password after recovering, make sure that you know its password that you have assigned to lock the laptop hard drive.

Procedure to get back data from locked laptop hard drive:

Useful Tips:

  • Always unlock laptop hard drive by giving correct password
  • Never keep CD and USB devices connected to your laptop for long time as it may damage file system of locked laptop hard drive
  • Before commencing any action, it is suggested to keep backup of important files in a separate and safe location

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