How to Get Back Files from Old Laptop Hard Disk

Are you a laptop user? Did you use your laptop for years together? Currently, are you facing file loss problem with that old laptop? Then don’t be upset. We have one perfect solution to recover files from old laptop hard drive. For more information continue to read this page….

Of course, if you use the same laptop for years together, then issues related to that laptop hard drive is common, especially file loss is the frequent issue which is faced by most of users. Let us know some user’s experience in their words:

“Hi!! My name is john. I am using dell laptop from last 8 years. Suddenly my system freezes and dead. I have saved thousands of files in that laptop hard drive, now I am struggling to recover files from that hard drive. If anyone have a solution to my problem please share your ideas, any solution will be welcome, especially the solution that you have personally used and had success. Thanks in advance!!”

“Hello everyone!! I am user of HP laptop from last 10 years. Till yesterday everything was working fine, but today morning my system has started to give beep sounds and shut down suddenly. Later I tried to restart it, but no use of it. If anyone has experienced the same kind of situation, then please share your ideas to recover files from that old laptop”

This kind of situation is very common if your laptop is very old. But, you can easily handle this type of situation by using some third party application. If you are expecting effective result, then use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. To know features of this tool continue to read below content

Software to restore files from old laptop hard drive:

This tool can successfully recover files from old laptop hard drive on Windows system. It can extract all type of files such as image files, MS Office file, text documents, media files, achieves, compressed files, PDF’s etc from old laptop hard disk. This utility can retrieve files from situation like crashed, failed and damaged old laptop hard disk. This software works on read only mode, so it won’t alter original data of your old laptop hard disk. Not only it can do old hard drive data recovery, but also it will assist to extract data from old external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, memory sticks and many other storage devices. You can use this tool on all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Note: You can also utilize this tool to recover data from failed laptop hard drive, crashed, damaged and unbootable laptop hard disk

Procedure to retrieve files from old laptop hard disk:

Note: If old laptop hard disk is not in position to reboot, then remove hard disk and connect it to some other healthy system and start recovery process by following below steps

Step1: First, Install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on Windows system and run it

Step2: Click on “Partition Recovery” option from the two options “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”

Step3: Then, from the list of drives displayed on screen select the drive from where you want to recover data. Next, it will start scanning process, wait for few minutes till its get finished

Step4: After scanning, retrieved files will be display in two views such as “Data view” and “File Type View”

Step5: Select the needed files or else click on “Skip” button to select all files by default

Step6: At last, save extracted files to a desired location

Need A Help??

    If you are facing any issues while recovering files, then feel free to contact 24x7 technical support team

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