How to Get Back Data from Hidden Partition?

“I have stored many confidential files on my computer and to protect it from any third persons, I have hidden that partition so that only I could access files from it. But now the partition is creating problem and showing error message whenever I try to view any file stored upon it. Someone please help me to fix this issue soon; I don’t have backup of single file”.

For most of the users, a hidden partition on computer can be very beneficial for storing essential and confidential files in order to avoid unauthorized access on those files. If you share your computer with others, then you may find the need to hide hard drive partition, containing your valuable data. But when a hidden partition starts to cause trouble, you need to fix it up before it’s too late. But some partitions are unable to be fixed except with a reformat; but reformatting erases entire data from the hidden partition. When this occurs, you need not get frightened for losing your data from hidden partition as you can still recover lost data from hidden drive on hard disk with the help of accurate partition recovery software.

Causes behind data loss from hidden partition:

  • Operating system can occasionally have a memory error or write error that can cause it to crash making entire hard drive data inaccessible
  • In case computer hard drive is attacked by boot sector viruses, then you will lose data not only from hidden partition but also from other computer drives
  • Many times you may accidentally format hidden partition without keeping backup of important files stored in it
  • Accidentally deleting hidden partition from Windows DOS command will result in losing data from it along with saved files
  • Shift deleting files from hidden partition while removing unwanted files and folders

Regain files from hidden partition:

To recover data from hidden partition lost due to the above instances, it is recommended to use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. It will automatically scan hidden partition and display retrieved files from it. If you have this software installed on your Windows computer, then you can get back entire data from hidden partition including applications, games, MS Office documents, photos, videos, music files and lots more within simple steps. You can restore almost all file types; and in case you are looking for specific file type and you cannot find it on the list displayed by the software, then it will provide an option to add new file types which you want to get back. It works successfully on computers/laptops working with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems.

Steps for restoring files from hidden partition:

  • Download the software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Setup the program and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen
  • Select “Partition Recovery” to move to next screen
  • After your selection, the application will display all the partition along with the hidden partition present on that system
  • Mark hidden partition on the hard drive and continue by pressing on “Next” button
  • Mark all the files and folders which you want to get back or simply click on “Skip” option to select all the files by default
  • Then the software scans the selected partition and displays deleted or lost data from it
  • You can preview media files using ‘Preview’ option and finally, save restored data to the destination location

Useful advices

  • Keep backup of important data before hiding the partition
  • Do not commence any action from Windows DOS command if you are not aware of its operation

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