Recovering Saved Games From Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

Want to know is there a way to recover deleted xbox clips or want to recover lost or deleted saved games from xbox 360? Continue reading this article to recover deleted saved games from Xbox 360 with and without using software.

“I have a configuration of Intel Quad Core Processor with 8GB RAM and 2TB HDD with 2GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060. I am a great lover of playing games and also a not so famous game streamer. Unfortunately, I formatted my Xbox 360 hard drive instead of the virus-infected flash drive connected to my system by accident.The formatted Xbox 360 hard drive holds all my favorite games saved from long ago. Can anyone tell me about how to recover saved games from a formatted Xbox 360 hard drive?”

Yes, you can recover deleted saved games from a formatted Xbox 360 hard drive. Before you get to how to recover games from formatted Xbox, you should know about the basics. So, let's start with the basics.

The Xbox 360 hard drive is a high performance gaming console with extra benefits like simple configuration, portability, increased storage capacity, etc. Since most people are crazy about playing games, the Xbox 360 hard drive has gained more popularity. The Xbox 360 hard drive also allows users to download demos of games from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The device even acts as a storage repository for your huge game collection.

Despite having so many conveniences and advantages, games saved on the Xbox 360 hard drive might get deleted or lost due to various reasons. For instance have a look on below listed scenarios:

How Do I Get My Saved Games Data Back From Xbox 360?

Here are a few tried and tested solutions to recover deleted game saves on Xbox 360:

Method 1: Check your Account

Check your account to get back data from Xbox 360.

Note: Make sure that you didn't switch your user account.

To check the account follow the steps:

Method 2: Restart your Xbox 360

Sometimes, restarting the Xbox will help to remove some temporary errors and get back deleted data from Xbox 360.

Steps to reboot the Xbox:

Method 3: How to Recover Saved Games From Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

No matter how you lost games from the Xbox 360 hard drive, you can regain them with the aid of professional data recovery software such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. This application is among the most used data recovery tools to rescue erased and missing games from Xbox 360 hard disk drives on the Windows system.

Steps to restore games from Xbox 360 hard drive:

Solution 4: Re-Download the Lost/Deleted Xbox Games Manually.

If you are not willing to try any software to restore lost or deleted game files on Xbox 360, you can choose to download the lost games again.

Here is how to re-download the Xbox file.

Tip to know about How to increase the chance of recovery

  • In order to make successful recovery of deleted or lost games it is recommended to stop using Xbox 360 hard drive after data loss
  • For game lovers it is suggested to backup their priceless games on some other storage device
  • Do not use Xbox 360 hard drive on incompatible or unauthentic devices

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