Data Recovery Tool for ADATA SSD

“Guys, I have accidentally formatted my ADATA SSD hard drive. All the information from the disk got cleaned out within minutes. I need to un-format ADATA SSD hard drive. Can anyone tell me how it can be done without damaging its file system? Thanks a lot!”

If you have similar issue and want to get rid of it then don’t be sad!!! You can easily un-format ADATA SSD drive without damaging its file system with use of ultimate data recovery application. When any file gets deleted from ADATA SSD drive, it will not be removed immediately. Operating system just marks the space as free and you can add new files if you wish to. However, adding new files will overwrite the space in which the lost data is present and you will lose them forever.

Go through the scenarios that result in losing data from ADATA SSD drive on Mac machine:

  • Abrupt system shut down due to power failure when data from ADATA SSD drive is being used in Mac system
  • Following improper procedure for installation or upgrading your Mac OS may lead to deletion of all files from ADATA SSD drive
  • Bugs, software conflicts in the system can corrupt ADATA SSD drive, making it inaccessible
  • Bad sectors, hard drive failure, OS crash are some of other reasons that can lead to lose data from ADATA SSD on Mac system

ADATA SSD drive recovery software:

For better results, one can utilize Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on Mac machine. This application is known for its performance as it can rescue information from ADATA SSD that has undergone various data loss scenarios. As it has been designed with easy to use graphical interface, this utility is most liked one among novice users as well as technical experts. It can also be used for recovering files from OCZ Vector 512GB SSD, Plextor, Seagate, Toshiba, KingSpec, Ageis Padlock Pro, LaCie and many other SSD storage media that can be connected and used on Mac systems. Also, users can view media files preview to check whether it has been properly recovered or not. Just in-case if you face any trouble while using this utility, feel free to get support of our technical staff who will be available round clock to assist you. It can be easily installed on different versions of Mac operating systems like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks.

Simple steps to be followed for recovering data from ADATA SSD:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery application in the system by logging in as local system admin
  • As soon as installation process gets completed, user can view shortcut icon on desktop
  • Run the program and from main screen of utility click on “Volume Recovery” option or “Formatted / Re-Formatted” Recovery
  • As soon as desired option is clicked, move on to next window to select ADATA SSD from the list of drives
  • After the drive has been selected, move on to next screen and mark all file types that needs to be rescued
  • At last initiate scanning of ADATA SSD and upon completion, restored list of files can be seen in Data View or File Type View
  • Select desired view type and then save files to respectable destination location as applicable other than ADATA SSD

Tips for future use:

  • Always maintain backup of important information present on ADATA SSD drive at more than one destination
  • Avoid use of unknown external media that can corrupt your ADATA SSD drive
  • Make sure you cross check your ADATA SSD drive before clicking on the format option

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