Retrieve Files from External FireWire Hard Drive on Mac

“My brother accidentally performed format operation on my external FireWire hard drive. Since he was elder to me I couldn’t tell anything to him, the FireWire hard drive had huge amount of data including my business project documents. Which were very important to me, so now my question is on how to retrieve data from my FireWire external hard drive on Mac?”

This of kind of data loss scenarios are very common these days and faced by many users while using their FireWire drives. Fortunately, you can still manage to get back data from FireWire external hard drives on Mac machines with the aid of proficient data recovery tool. However, let us know about external FireWire drives and how data is takes place from these drives before knowing about how to perform data recovery from external FireWire drive on Macintosh system.

What are FireWire Drives?

External hard drives are similar to regular hard drives but have their own closure, these hard drives are connected to a system with interface cable; one such high speed interface is FireWire. FireWire external hard drives also known as IEEE-1394, which are hard drive connections invented by Apple computers. This high speed serial technology offers data transfer speed up to 400 MB per second and is widely used to move large amount of data between computers and other peripheral devices. There are many advantages of using these FireWire drives; some of them include low cost, efficiency, high speed of data access, PC independent, portability, easy to use, etc. However it is true that even these devices are not free from problem like data loss. There are numerous reasons that results in loss of valuable data from FireWire hard drives. Most common causes are listed below:

  • Erasing important files and folders from FireWire external hard drive by mistake or while deleting unneeded data
  • Power surges or sudden system shutdown while copying files from FireWire external hard drive to Mac computer
  • Volumes/drives on external FireWire hard drive might get unintentionally formatted instead of Mac hard drive Volumes
  • Failure of FireWire external hard drive due to Malware infection, file system corruption, file system conversion, bad sectors and other errors
  • Using the same FireWire external hard drive on multiple OS platform like Mac and Windows

In addition to this, they are number of reasons accountable for the loss of files from external FireWire hard drives. But regardless of what caused data loss, you can perform data recovery from external FireWire hard drive on Mac using Yodot Mac Data Recovery software, which is the best and most widely used data recovery application to rescue lost data from FireWire external hard drives. This tool is designed using advanced algorithm, which helps users to easily retrieve all deleted and lost files from their FireWire external hard disk drive in secure manner. It supports recovery of data from various storage media like Mac hard disk, iPods, USB flash drives, iPods, memory cards and other devices on Mac OS X machines.

FireWire external hard drive data recovery procedure:

  • Plug in your FireWire external hard drive to a healthy Macintosh
  • Download the software and install it to that Mac machine
  • Launch the application and stick to the main screen steps
  • Two options will be displayed on the main screen, “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select the option based on your data loss scenario
  • The software starts scanning your system and displays both the internal and external Volumes
  • Choose the external Volume and click on “Next” button
  • Software repeats the scanning process and displays all the files which can be recovered from the selected external hard drive
  • Choose the files and folders which you want to recover back
  • Finally save the recovered files to your desired destination location or Volume (Not to the same FireWire external hard drive)

Important Tips:

  • Don’t install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to your FireWire external hard drive
  • Avoid adding or storing new data to your FireWire hard drive after you lose data from it
  • Before deleting data from external FireWire hard drives make sure that you are not selecting vital files or folders

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