Restore Files from Hard Drive that Wont Mount on Mac

“Hard drive of my Mac computer is not mounting properly and hence I cannot view any files present in it. I can clearly see the drive in ‘Disk utility’ but it doesn’t shows up on Mac Finder. It would be grateful if I get any useful suggestions related to this problem. Thanks”

Mac is the excellent operating system which provides many features to save manage and organize your files. But occasionally Volume created on your Mac might fail to mount. Generally when you open Mac Finder to access the information from Mac volume, Mac finds for the file system which has been assigned to the specific drive; and if it fails to find file system, then it could not access volume and you will find Mac hard drive in unmountable state. However, Mac is equipped with “Disk Utility” feature that will allow you to fix issues related to Mac hard disk. But to run “Disk Utility” you should have OS X installation disk that comes up with Mac computer.

Follow below given procedure to make the hard drive mountable on your Mac computer:

When Disk Utility has finished repairing the hard drive of your Mac computer, it will restart normally and you will find hard drive of your Mac computer in mountable state. However when you try to access information from it, you will be asked to format the drive. If you proceed to format, then complete data saved on Mac hard drive will be erased. In case you do not format hard drive, then Mac keeps on asking you to format hard drive each and every time you click on Mac hdd and you won’t be able to use any data saved on unmountable Mac hard drive.

Then what is the resolution to overcome data loss?

Well, one of the best ways to get back lost data from hard drive that won’t mount on Mac is utilizing Time machine backup. If you do not have the habit of running Time machine on time, then relying on data recovery software is the last and best option left for recovering data from Mac hard drive. Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the well known software that can be used to get back missing files and folders from unmountable Mac hard disk drive. You can restore data after Mac partition failed with the error could not unmount disk. It will display hard drive type, file system and its memory which will give clear picture about the Mac hard drive which has become unmountable due to virus attacks, software malfunction, power failure and so on. Using this reliable software, one can retrieve Microsoft Office files, compressed files, application, media files, animations, adobe files and other files with different file extensions. Upon recovering desired files, it will show you the preview of images and other media files that you choose and facilitate to check them for quality and successful data recovery.

Procedure to get back files from hard drive which does not mount on Mac:

Note: Safely remove and connect Mac hard drive that is not mounting to healthy Macintosh computer as external hard drive after installing this tool.

Safety Measures:

  • Do not shutdown your Mac computer forcefully when any process is going on
  • Always run Time machine to take backup of your data

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