How to Recover Data from Verbatim SmartDisk Drive?

“I have no idea what has gone wrong. The other day, I was working with my Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive to transfer some files from my external hard drive to my system. There was a sudden power cut in my area and boom, the system got shutdown itself. Once power was restored, I connected my hard drive to system but to my surprise it was not working. It's recognized in the Device Manager, but nowhere else. Also, in disk management, I can't allocate my drive or even initialize it. I tried nearly everything, such as changing the controller type to Compatibility mode and also trying to get disk management to do its job. It didn't work and I took it to IT specialist hoping to get it fixed. He told me that my hard is corrupted. Please help me, I have a lot of important stuff saved there and I don't want to lose it”

Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drives or any other external hard drives are mostly used to maintain data backup just in-case if disaster strikes on your system. Well if data loss occurs on your system it can be restored using the backup present on Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive, but what if you face a situation where files from both storage media disappear for any reason. No worries! Just look down to know more about how file loss can occur from Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive:

With more number of data loss issues arising every day, data backup has become the utmost option for each and every system user. Unfortunately, data loss scenarios sometimes occur on external hard drives where data backup is maintained. This will leave user with no option other than making use of relevant third party data recovery program that can overcome the problem without facing any drawbacks. In this case, the best recommended utility is Yodot Mac Data Recovery.

Verbatim SmartDisk Data Recovery Software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the best tool that can be used to get back deleted / lost data from Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive on Mac machine. Its simple user interface and advanced list of options, makes sure that data restoring process gets completed instantly without any issues. This recovery program can be easily installed on different versions of Mac operating systems like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks. If any issue provide drawback to the recovery process, just approach 24/7 technical support team who will solve your problem instantly.

Apart from recovering data from Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive, users might be wondering how to recover deleted files from WD My Passport Ultra, internal hard drive, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, USB sticks, pen drives, and other storage devices respectively. It's simple! implement the same Yodot application on Your Windows or Mac System.

Follow the simple guidelines to restore data from Verbatim SmartDisk external hard drive:


  • Avoid abrupt removal of external hard drive during read / write process
  • Make sure best antivirus protection is installed to combat deadly viruses
  • Maintain backup of important files in separate storage media

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