Rescue Data after Kernel Panic Error on Mac OS X

Kernel panic errors with blue, black and grey screen on Mac system: It is a situation faced by many Macintosh users. After switching on the system, some of users may suddenly get blue / black / grey color screen with series of errors. It’s frustrating to face such errors and it becomes a dread condition for non savvy Mac users.

What is kernel panic error?

Let us discuss the possible causes for kernel panic errors. First look at what is kernel and why do you need it? "Kernel" is an interface between system software and hardware components. It is liable for introductory service for all parts of the OS and “panics” are kernel routines that usually designed to output the error messages occur on Mac system.

Basic sources for Kernel panic error:

Primary steps to get rid over kernel panic error:

After encountering kernel panic error, the first thing you need to do is to reboot the Mac system by holding X key. If your Mac system fails to reboot, then don’t be in hurry to call expensive tech support, because you can overcome the problem by reinstalling the Mac operating system. Before reinstalling the OS, you should backup your Mac hard drive data; otherwise your essential data will go into ether. This sounds bad?? Need not to worry!! In such condition, you can recover the lost data using good data recovery software like Yodot Mac Data Recovery software.

General idea on Yodot Mac Data Recovery software:

Data recovery software utility is appropriate data recovery program that supports retrieval of erased or lost data after facing kernel panic errors or similar issues on Mac system. The significant features of this application are its simple friendly graphical interface and finest built-in algorithms, which can unerase data from Mac hard drive without taking long duration. The software not only regains your data that got lost from Mac hard drive, but also extracts data from memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, iPods etc. It can allow restoration of data from various editions of Mac operating system (Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard) and several brands of hard drives such as Seagate, Western Digital, Iomega, Samsung, Imation, Sony and so on.

Steps to restore missing data after kernel panic error on Mac OS X:

Keep an eye on these guidelines:

  • Be careful while repartitioning or reformatting the Macintosh hard drive
  • Instead of disturbing or disappointing at the time of data loss, it is better to keep updated backup for Mac hard drive data
  • It is always suggested to use a genuine anti-virus software

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