How To Resolve Error 36 On Mac While Copying Data To External Drive?

Mac OS users have the benefit of being able to read and write in a wide variety of formats. As a result, you can read/write most things on your Mac, including the memory card in your camera and networked Windows machine. When copying files, Mac users may experience “error code - 36”. Which can stop the process completely and send the user to Google for help.

What is Mac Error Code 36?

The Mac Error Code - 36 is a Mac error that affects the program finder, a file system software that is used to browse, search, and delete files, sort of the Mac OS. Error Code -36 occurs while using the program to copy files from a source to a destination.

When a large file is moved or transferred to any other device from your Mac, this error can get triggered. When you are in this situation, you will find issues in copying the files. Further, your files may get affected.

How To Fix Error Code 36 On Mac?

Using the below-mentioned steps, you can fix error code 36 on Mac with ease.

Method 1: Run disk utility to check the health of the drive

Mac OS comes with the First Aid application, Which you can use to validate the health of your disk both on an internal and external drive. If you are having problems with your source media, First Aid is a great way to identify the problem.

Method 2: Check the file permission you are trying to Copy

This fix will give the entire system access to your file(s), so use caution if you are a business and you don’t want to share files with other users.

Method 3: Copy the files via command line

Method 4: Reset PRAM on Your Mac

In this method, we will show you how to reset the PRAM. When you reset it, this error 36 Mac will not be able to show up on your computer. To reset PRAM, the following steps should be considered.

Method 5: Check for a Stable External Media Connection on Your Mac

The error code 36 Mac external hard drive can appear due to a connection that isn’t stable. You can check your external drive to make certain that the connection has been properly established.

Method 6: Remove “.DS_Store” Files from Your Mac

The “.DS_Store” files are cache files. Made by macOS, these files are hidden. By default, these files can exist. Also, the macOS can make these through Finder and store them in the directories of your system.

When the error 36 Mac occurs due to these files, you can consider deleting them.

Method 7: Use Terminal to Run “dot_clean” Command

The archive process of Finder may be triggering this error code 36 Mac High Sierra on your system. Due to this process, the dot-underscore files may get mismanaged. The dot_clean command can be used for removing this cause. After running this command, the error will stop occurring on your computer.

Still unable to resolve the error code 36 with the above methods? Then you might want to consider using Data Recovery software.

How To Recover Data When Error 36 Occurs?

When you fail to fix Error 36, the hard disk will be in a condition that, it will not let you to directly access stored data on it. So, you need an application like Yodot Mac Data Recovery to restore data from the Mac drive.


  • Don’t use the drive that contains your vital data on multiple devices
  • Keep your system away from any logical or physical damage

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