Access Data from A Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired Internal Mac Drive

“I have a MacPro and recently while performing a Mac update, it froze and was still stuck on a grey screen even after multiple restart attempts. I finally tried to use Disk Utility to check the status of my Mac. But "Repair Disk" was greyed out, so finally tried to reinstall Mac OS X. When it was close to completion, an error prompt appeared stating 'Macintosh HD is damaged and cannot be repaired'.”

Well, it looks like you have a failing hard disk and it is a nightmare to lose all the data stored in. To help you from such situations, Apple offers you an in-built backup program called Time Machine to take regular backup of all your latest data from Macintosh HD. It is good to see that you tried to access. But, in most unfortunate incidents, even the Time Machine itself fails to leave in a grave situation.

Nevertheless, for any hard drive issues, the most crucial part is data recovery. The quicker you act, the more success rate in recovering the data. Below are few possibilities to retrieve data from a damaged hard disk on Mac OS X.

Manual Ways to Get Back Data from Internal Macintosh HD

Method 1: Use Single User Mode

You can try fixing the Macintosh HD by entering into a non- GUI mode. To do so;

Method 2: Try Connecting Macintosh HD as an External HDD

To connect your Mac HD as an external drive you need things like external hard drive enclosure, USB cable and screwdriver.

A damaged Mac HD sometimes fail to get accessed even if it is connected as external drive. So, you may wonder how to recover failed MacBook Pro Hard Disk or from any Mac machine in that case. Well, the solution to overcome such riddle is to rely on excellent Mac recovery tool and restore data from failed Macintosh HD.

Macintosh HD Data Recovery Program

Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool is the ultimate solution when the above mentioned two methods fail to retrieve data from “damaged and cannot be repaired” Macintosh HD. It is an advanced data recovery app that helps in mounting the damaged internal HD and retrieving the data. The program works on all Mac devices like iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air etc.

Key Features of Yodot Mac Recovery tool are -

Steps to Restore Data when Internal Macintosh HD is Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired

Things to follow

  • Apart from Time Machine, it is ideal to create secure backup. You can try using cloud services along with external HDDs
  • Keep your computer protected from virus and malware by using a good antivirus program

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