How to Fix Error “Problems Found With Partition Map Which Might Prevent Booting”?

“Hi, I tried to create a Bootcamp partition and install Win 10 on my Mac machine yesterday. But I couldn’t install it properly so I put Win 10 usb and installed. Later I couldn’t boot my system; not even in safe mode. Somehow I got into Recovery mode. But in middle of Windows Setup, I got an error message that stated, "Windows could not update computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed". So I left Recovery mode. Now I am facing this error “Problems were found with partition map which might prevent booting”. Is there any way to fix this error? I don’t want to lose my data because this is my work computer. I really need help. Please guide me”.

Why this error comes up?

You might get this error because of modifications done on your Mac boot partition or when Mac partition got corrupt/damage.

How to fix the error?

You can fix error problems found with partition map which might prevent booting using below troubleshoot. But it is recommended to safeguard entire data present on your system before you get into repair process; since files may go missing/got delete if anything goes wrong during fixation of error. So just follow this simple guideline and secure your data first.

Now try these solutions to fix error problems found with partition map which might prevent booting:

1. Try fixing partition and disk separately:

Boot into Recovery mode > choose Disk Utility > select Drive > choose First Aid and Repair Disk > Select Partition (select each partition) > click on Repair Disk

2. Fix using external drive::

Connect USB drive (of capacity same as your disk) > Boot into recovery mode > format external as Apple Extended Forma > go to Disk Utility and select Partition Tab > verify external drive is using GUID partition map (If not, go to Options > change partition map to GUID) > use Recover tab to recover internal partition into external drive > hold option key to boot > select external drive > Mac should then boot to external drive > reformat internal drive using disk utility > install Mac on internal drive > choose external device as source to copy data during reboot

How to recover data when Macintosh shows errors?

Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool can easily restore data when Mac system shows errors like problems were found with the partition map which might prevent booting. The robust scanning algorithm of software makes recovery of deleted partition effortless when Mac partition got delete/lost because of these errors. Along with above error frozen, formatted/reformatted, inaccessible or damaged Mac drives data is assuredly recoverable with this application. You can restore data from hard disks that are formatted with Mac file systems FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX and HFS etc. While retrieving files, you will not face any uncertainty since the program has well designed, simple and smart GUI along with excellent as well as supportive tech assist team. Utility is compatible to operate with all versions of OS X including latest. If you are thinking how to recover data from external hard drive then this is an apt tool you need as it supports in restoration of data on any storage device.


  • Always provide a recent backup copy of your important files to avoid data loss during these sorts of situations
  • Copy entire data from system and save it externally before carry-out any major change on your computer

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