Recovery of Mac Partition Table

“My Mac desktop says volumes cannot be accessed as there are errors with Partition table. I am unable to perform any tasks due to this issue. Can anyone please let me how to make data saved in my Mac hard drive accessible by resolving Partition Table issues?”

Partition Table is a content table that holds all vital information related to logical drives on any hard disk. In Mac OS X, Partition Table is referred as Apple Partition Map and records details like no. of partitions, size of each partition, starting and ending sector information, date of creation, file system, etc. In order to fetch data from any volume on Mac hard drive, operating system first looks at Partition Map / Table to locate particular partition. If Partition Table is corrupt and unreadable then Mac OS doesn’t allow its users to access any data from partitions. Partition Table on Mac can be damaged in scenarios like:

  • Errors while repartitioning Mac hard drive
  • Sudden power surge or system termination while performing critical tasks
  • File system corruption due to interrupted or wrong reformatting process
  • Journal corruption is another reason for Partition table corruption
  • Improper OS installation

These major causes can damage Partition table thus making data from volumes inaccessible. This kind of situation can be resolved by employing good data recovery program before using the Mac for any other activities as it reduces the chances of successful recovery.

Mac Partition Table data recovery software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the appropriate software that can be used to get data from Mac hard drive after partition Table corruption. This tool has ability to retrieve files of more than 300 types including pictures, videos, documents, compressed files and others. Apart from files and folders, this tool can support recovery of Mac volumes after corruption, damage, formatting or deletion from hard drive. The tool can extract files from physical drives / volumes with HFS, HFS+ and FAT file systems. More to this, it can restore data from SSD, FireWire drive, iPod, USB flash drive, memory cards and other portable storage components on Mac OS X. This Mac OS partition recovery application is compatible on OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite OS X computers.

Follow these steps to retrieve Mac Partition Table:

  • If complete Mac drive data has to be recovered, connect the victim hard drive to other Mac system and download the software on it
  • Install and the run the utility and in main screen click for ‘Volume Recovery’ option
  • Now, choose Macintosh HD from which partition data has to be recovered
  • Next screen shows all volumes that are present as well as that are lost from hard drive
  • Choose required volume which needs to be restored and mention file types to retrieve
  • Moving next, wait till scanning ends by showing all restorable files
  • Make use of ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’ to browse through files and folders listed
  • After previewing selected media files for evaluation, save them to desired location in different storage drive other than the drive that was scanned

Important Note:

  • Enable Time Machine to keep track of complete data on your Mac hard drive without losing nay
  • Avoid using or performing any tasks on Mac after encountering Partition table corruption or data loss

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