Photos Recovery When Mac Doesn’t Recognize Camera

Why Aren’t Some Cameras Recognized in Finder?

Many cameras do not show up in Finder as the newer camera do not have the option in their menu to it as “mass storage”, hence Mac fails to recognize when connected. There is a way to check if your camera is recognized by Mac or not. But, even after following the method, if your still unable access your photos, then it might be because your photos are corrupted or damaged. Let’s see the cases one by one.

Access Photos and Videos Through iPhotos

If iPhotos doesn’t detect your camera, then it probably is corrupted or damaged. In this situation, using a professional photo recovery tool for Mac is the only solution. But for that you first have to make your detectable by Mac.

How to Make Your Camera Get Detected by Mac?

Note: You first have to connect the camera, turn it on and then open System Information. It only scans the devices after running it. If you run System Information first and then attach the camera, you’ll not see it in the list.

Software to get back photos from unrecognized Camera on Mac:

Once your camera is detected, you can make use of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery Software to retrieve photos, videos and audio files from camera. It allows to recover photos of specific file type, by mentioning its file extension in the signature search box. This program can easily run on latest OS X machines starting from Mac Leopard OS. On the other hand, you can use Windows version of this tool to get back deleted videos on Windows phone, Smart cards, pen drive and other storage devices. And what more, it can easily restore RAW file formats without causing any file damage.

Guide to Retrieve Photos from Undetected Camera On Mac:

Simple Tips:

  • Buy a quality SD card for your camera
  • Always eject the device safely

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