How to Restore Deleted Videos from Cell Phone?

“Need urgent help here!! Please recommend me a good way in which I can rescue accidentally deleted video files from cell phone. This happened yesterday when I had connected the cell phone for moving its video files to Windows system. The entire set of folder from my cell phone was deleted by mistake; I tried searching for those video files on my cell phone but ended up in vain as I could not get any of the deleted videos. Any suggestions that will assist in recovering videos from the cell phone will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.“

A cell phone is also called mobile phone and cellular phone in some parts of the world. Nowadays even the basic handsets released in the market come with camera to help users to capture videos and photos whenever they like. But very frequently, cell phone users happen to accidentally delete their important videos from their cell phones just like it happens in cameras or camcorders. In addition, there are many other reasons that can lead to deletion of videos from cell phone.

What are the ways in which video files get deleted from cell phone?

Deletion of video files from cell phone can happen at any point of time. The best thing to do now is to take preventive measures for complete video file recovery by not saving any new data on the cell phone. Later, without making any delay utilizes the reliable and efficient video file recovery tool such as Yodot Photo Recovery that is highly recommended by almost all software professionals.

Restoring Deleted Videos from Cell Phone:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most known application when it comes to recovering video files deleted or lost from cell phone in various scenarios as mentioned above. With the help of powerful scanning engines phone memory is scanned in a minimum duration of time and the restored list of video files shown to user in a particular order. The two different options that are provided for viewing recovered video files are File Type View and Data View; you can select any one as per your requirement. This application supports recovery of different types of video files like avi, mov, divx, mpeg, mp4, mpg, etc. Apart from restoring video files you can also rescue pictures, audio files and other file types from cell phone memory card and other storage media on latest version of Windows OS. Many a times, SD card of cell phone, digital cameras, and other storage devices gets damaged due to various reasons, and you may encounter error message like SD card needs to be formatted before you use it. You can use this Photo Recovery tool in such circumstances to recover photos, videos, and other media files from SD card without formatting the card.

Follow the simple guidelines to restore video files deleted from cell phone on Windows computer:

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Occasionally scan memory card on cell phone to remove virus or other threats
  • Back up all video and other essential on the cell phone to separate external hard drive
  • Always remove the memory card before restoring cell phone

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