How To Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files From Android, iPhone & Windows?

Summary: Accidentally deleted important files using the Shift + Delete shortcut!!! Most of them have done it before, and it will probably occur to all of us again at some point. This article discusses the step-by-step process for recovering permanently deleted files and recovering them to your system (without causing any damage).

“I am in big trouble; I have accidentally deleted a few videos from my desktop with the Shift-Delete key combination. These videos were of great importance and I am really worried about how to recover them. Can anyone suggest a good method to get back permanently deleted video files on my system?”

It is quite common for us to face the situation above and if you are one of them then don't panic because this article has everything you need to know on how to recover deleted videos.

Reasons Behind Video Loss or Deletion:

Deleting any file doesn’t imply that it will get removed permanently from computer hard drives, SD cards, digital cameras, USB flash drives, and some other storage media. A deleted file is just invisible to the operating system since all its registry entries and index pointer values will be removed during the deletion process. It will not be visible to users and hence they assume that video files are deleted permanently.

Here are some things to avoid if you have lost your videos

How do I Recover Permanently Deleted Videos?

There are various methods to recover permanently deleted videos, let’s go through them one by one:

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Android?

Method 1: Recover Permanently Deleted Videos Using Recently Deleted Folder

Method 2: Recover Lost/Deleted Videos On Android Via Google Drive

Do you regularly back up your videos to Google Drive?
Then you are lucky to be able to recover deleted videos from an Android phone without a computer.

Method 3: How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Google Photos On Android

Google Photos allows you to view deleted videos. Video or photo uploads to Google Photos are automatically saved when the app is connected to your Google account.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From iPhone?

Method 1: Restore Deleted videos from iTunes backup

If you have backed up your photos through iCloud, iTunes, or Finder, you can recover deleted videos by restoring your iPhone from a backup. While you are recovering, you will be resetting your iPhone and will only have access to what is on the backup. Making frequent backups is the best way to ensure that you can recover any data you may lose.

Method 2: Recover Lost iPhone Videos Through iCloud photos

By logging into your iCloud account from any device compatible with iCloud, you can recover a deleted video. You can recover the video by following the steps below.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Computer?

Method 1: Restore Deleted Videos From Recycle Bin

All deleted videos and files are temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin. It is necessary to empty the recycle bin in order to remove it permanently. This will allow you to restore the video files if necessary. Here’s how to restore deleted videos from Recycle Bin in a few simple steps.

Now, check if the file is back to its original position. If you are not able to restore videos from recycle Bin do try the next method.

Method 2: Restore Previous Versions

Recover lost video using File History.

Still if you are not able to recover the permanently deleted video then you definitely need to make use of a recovery tool like yodot recovery.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files Using Yodot Photo Recovery Software?

Yodot Photo Recovery is the ultimate program to get back permanently deleted video files that have vanished from Recycle Bin. This recovery software is capable of restoring videos of file types MOV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, XVID, MPG, WAV and so on that are deleted or lost in various situations. Apart from video files, this tool can even rescue deleted photos and music files from various storage devices.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using Permanent delete options like Shift+Del or command prompt while erasing videos files on Windows.
  • Always hold a backup of essential video files in multiple storage locations.

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