How to Get Back 3G2 Video Files?

3G2 Video has become popular video file format these days. It is capable of holding videos, subtitles and audios including any metadata. To tell in brief, using 3G2 format it is possible to create a movie with multiple chapters, sound and subtitle as well as movie thumbnails into a single file. While 3G2 is a reliable storage format, it can also be lost under many circumstances.

For example, consider that you have created a folder in your computer desktop and saved all videos that has 3G2 format. One fine morning, you have noticed that your desktop screen is almost full. So to clean it up, you thought of deleting unwanted files; but at the time of choosing files to delete, mistakenly you have selected the folder in which you have saved lots of 3G2 files. Since you have deleted folder that has large number of 3G2 files, it did not get stored in Recycle Bin. Now how to get back deleted 3G2 videos? Apart from deletion, there are other predictable reasons for losing 3G2 files as listed below:

  • Transfer Interruptions: At the time of moving 3G2 files from one location to another location, one always prefers using “Cut-paste” options. But if you cannot paste cut 3G2 files to selected location due to power failure or any other reason, then you will lose  3G2 files
  • Deleting Before Moving: If you copy 3G2 video files and then delete it before transferring to another location, then those files will be deleted from the source location without giving you the chance to restore them from Recycle Bin
  • Formatting Drive: Unknowingly formatting partition on hard drive or portable storage device that contains 3G2 files will erase them immediately along with other data stored in it
  • Virus Attacks: 3G2 file may also get lost in case your computer is infected with harmful virus, malware or spyware threats

Above discussed circumstance may make you disappointed for losing precious 3G2 files. However, you will be happy to know that the 3G2 files which you have lost can easily be restored with the aid of suitable video recovery software.

3G2 video recovery software

Windows operating system allows you to create restore points in order to backup your important data. But sometimes, users do not utilize it. Such instance may give a way to lose your data like 3G2 files. However, you no longer have to worry, because with the use of Yodot Photo Recovery software one can quickly get back 3G2 files with the same quality as they has before. This software explains each and every step briefly which will help you to complete 3G2 video recovery process without any difficulties. Apart from 3G2 files, it can effectively scan your hard drive and external storage media to recover MTS video files together with AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, DIVX, XVID, 3GP, VOB and other popular video file formats. It provides two view types which show only particular files and the folders that bear the files with same file formats. This will help you to consume less time for searching for files. Most importantly, you can preview recovered media files (with less size) to examine its quality and confirm about your selection.

Steps for recovering deleted or missing 3G2 files:

  • First of all download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • After completing the installation process, run it to begin 3G2 video recovery
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select anyone based on the situation you have come across
  • Next screen displays available drives present in your computer
  • Select the drive from where you lost or erased 3G2 files and click on “Next”
  • The application now starts scanning and displays searched and recoverable 3G2 files under “File Type View “ and “Data View”
  • Utilize two view types for easy selection of restored 3G2 files
  • Preview recovered video files and at last save them to safe place on your Windows computer or to any external storage drive

Valuable Tips:

  • Be careful while selecting any video to delete as it may be a very important file
  • Always keep backup of important 3G2 video files on more than one storage drive

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